Snuff Cop

Snuff Cop


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Snuff Cop 1998 full movies, Snuff Cop torrents movie

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Snuff Cop torrent reviews

John C (ru) wrote: The first was better.

Alecs M (de) wrote: Una peli sencilla que ni es pretensiosa ni grandiosa, es como un captulo de mujer casos de la vida real pero subido de tono.

Jamie R (ag) wrote: I'm so excited that they're makig a Ramona movie! I loved those books when I was a kid!!

Jay M (es) wrote: Love this shit there clowning for this one

Matthew S (br) wrote: A very interesting and experimental satire which boils down to a battle of philosophies. It doesn't fully work, but it is fun to watch. And, it is brilliantly cast.

Marischa B (ru) wrote: This is a formulaic kinds movie in all senses where you can see every script movie coming a mile away but still manages to be harmless fun. Little Bow Wow plays an orphan who is given a pair of basketball shoes that he believes belonged to Michael Jordan and in turn give him unbelievable skills that he ends up getting signed by the LA Knights NBA team. There are the Normal lesson s of morality and family values you would expect from this kind of movie which thankfully the child actors do not lay on to thick. Moris Chestnut does well in the father figure role and there is able support from Crispin Glover (I bet he regrets asking for so much money that he got written out of 'Back to the Future 2) and Robert Forster (thank god QT saved him), which all results in the inevitable bit not disappointing ending. Would I watch it again? Only with kids present.

Juliet R (ag) wrote: An extra point for Devon

Naoya K (jp) wrote: The Seijun Suzuki ultimatum, without a doubt.

Ben K (it) wrote: This is one of those great Hollywood epics they don't make anymore. I saw it a Jewish film festival and it's an interesting movie to reflect upon the birth of Israel. Cast a Giant Shadow tells the story of Mickey Marcus who as an American officer and lawyer who helped to create the Israeli army and also served as their first general. Of course they had to sex up the story for Hollywood but still their's great acting all around especially by John Wayne who was rarely better than he was here.

Bart v (ca) wrote: Een aardige documentaire over de band Journey. Leuk voor de mensen die Journey leuk vinden, heb je er niets mee, dan kan je deze overslaan. Gaat over Arnel Pineda die DE nieuwe zanger wordt van deze band.

Bill R (ru) wrote: a decently done cave adventure that falls short of being great do to some cheesy moments that just kill it's momentum. There are some tense moments and I'm sure if they dropped all the cussing it would have made a pg13 rating that would have justified the movie as a whole.