Snuff killer - La morte in diretta

Snuff killer - La morte in diretta

When the daughter of a politician suddenly disappears, her step-mother investigates the porno industry in search of her.

Michelle lives in Paris with René, who is influential politicians. One morning as Michelle discovers that her 18-year-old daughter Lauren has not come home from a pub tonight. René does not want to involve the police, because he does not want a scandal that could affect his political career negative. They decide instead to hire a private investigator. It turns out that Lauren has been kidnapped to be used by a gang producing snuff. Detective withdraws from the case, however, because he fears for his life and Michelle decides to find their own daughter. The hunt goes by porn swamps in Paris, Amsterdam and Hamburg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan D (ru) wrote: A mule's view of geopolitics.

Richard C (ag) wrote: Compilation of shorts from different directors. I was fond of most of them - comedy and drama pervade them and you'll be disappointed if you took the time and effort to find this hoping for disturbing scenes of blood and gore throughout. The self-hyped film is mostly a study on "suburban existance" and the human condition at times. The only short that's pure horror is extremely cringe-inducing (Cutting Moments) and it's the very last one. I'm debating whether it was my favorite short or not. Fun and funny shorts overall - low-budget and it has "indie" written all over it.

Natasha A (kr) wrote: Cute and playful movies

Blair K (de) wrote: odd movie but give Alec Baldwin credit for going against his good guy image in earlier movies. good chemistry between Alec and Jennifer. ultimately though I have seen better.

CJ C (mx) wrote: Tho with alot of surprises & starring all our fav Almodovar actors, the story was still not up to par. See it to say u have. See TIE ME UP, TIE ME DOWN.

sabrina i (jp) wrote: Dick Powell is great in this little seen noir. The film itself is a good example of the genre. No happy ending. No easy resolutions. Powell's character gets himself into a sticky situation with no way to go but down. The story is standard fare but it's this character that is the focus of attention here and gives the film an compelling edge. Here's a man who has everything - a nice house, a decent job and wife and kids. He risks it all by starting an affair. He wasn't satisfied with his life but like every noir - a little mistake is a heavy price to pay. The film lacks suspense or surprises but if you are looking for good performances and an intriguing character study - this film makes a good watch.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Inspired by actual events, this is the directorial debut of Ami Canaan Mann- the progeny of the great Michael Mann. This is a police procedural about two detectives trailing a killer known for kidnapping and mutilating women, then dumping their bodies in a marshy area of Texas dubbed "The Killing Fields". Their case takes a turn when the killer decides to set his sight upon them.For the most part, this is pretty standard stuff. It's not groundbreaking, but certainly watchable. It looks great, and the cinematography is probably the best aspect. The cast are notable, but their performances are serviceable, but nothing more. The film is suspenseful, but it could have used a lot more visceral moments and action. Also, the presentation is fractured in its chronology at times, which I found to be a bit unnecessary. As far as developments with plot and characters, you get just enough, but even then, a lot of it is just standard stuff we've seen before. I give it credit though for at least keeping my attention, even if there's really not a whole lot that goes on. See it if you want, but it's fine if you don't.

Jose R (nl) wrote: This movie was quite a pleasant suprise for me, I enjoyed the movie for what it was and what it was trying to go for, I found it funny pleasing and the acting was pretty passable, nothing new or original it's cliqued and predictable but it was told pretty good

James C (es) wrote: Sadly paint by numbers, and fails to really explore its fun premise past the title. Such a shame, considering how much of Tartakovsky's previous work I have massively enjoyed.