So Dark the Night

So Dark the Night

A French police detective investigates his fiancée"s murder.

A renowned and relentless Paris detective takes his first vacation in eleven years at a small inn in the French countryside. There he meets and falls in love with the hotelier's daughter, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grit R (es) wrote: A tragic tale based upon the life of Helen Keller. Wonderful pictures and a heartwarming friendship.

Sean C (ru) wrote: I really liked the movie and it would be a hard one to adapt. The book was so bizarre and so funny. Not hilarious kind of funny. More like satire and absurdity that becomes sinister. I loved the book. Kafka basically invented the surreal novel. Many people would find this movie boring. It's slow and because of the subject matter, people have complained that it just goes in circles. Of course it does, that's the point of the story.

jonhmatthew r (it) wrote: so cool and so funny hahahaha!!!

Lee P (jp) wrote: in collection...not seen it.

Matt M (it) wrote: Who could have thought a nature documentary about an environmental problem could have been so entertaining and such a rare treat. That is mostly because Lewis in making this documentary defies what are the conventionalities of its genre by telling of the true invasion of sex mad toads across Australia. To do so, he makes good use of facts but also entertaining recreations as well as a refreshingly comedic approach that makes an otherwise boring theme universally accessible and appealing.

j d (es) wrote: This is an extremely solid film. And a lot of cool fun with Enterprise destroyed for first time, Kirk's son, Spock coming back and so on. Deserves better ratings than it got!

Thomm S (jp) wrote: It really pales in comparison to Auntie Mame. I think it would have been much better if they had stuck closer to the plot of Auntie Mame, which made much more sense, and did not let Lucile Ball do her own singing. The title number was great, in part because Lucy didn't have to sing in it!

Dawn C (us) wrote: What the heck was wrong with the 60s?! Absolutely psychotic... in an absolutely hilarious kind of way.

Jason P (it) wrote: I wasn't so keen on the first story, but the last two were pretty great. Technicolor creates a really wild atmosphere in several scenes. I also appreciated the humor in the last minute of the film. Horror directors that present their material tongue-in-cheek (and the best ones often do) are my favorite.

Greg W (fr) wrote: gangsters n monsters a strange combo

Katie R (au) wrote: Fun, but there's no way this movie could possibly be made as anything but a thriller today.

Federico F (ru) wrote: the personification of Al Pacino in his manner as a criminal consecrates the work written by Oliver Stone building a myth

Paul D (us) wrote: Brooding sci-fi thriller, all very dark and foreboding but not a bad effort if you enjoy low-budget films of this ilk.

Kevin M (nl) wrote: One of the most gruesome and physiologically effecting war films ever.