Só Dez Por Cento é Mentira

Só Dez Por Cento é Mentira


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Só Dez Por Cento é Mentira torrent reviews

David M (fr) wrote: This was a solid family film that kept true to the books that isnpired it. The acting was good and the story was fun.

Stefan M (ag) wrote: It you like Macs you will like this...

Joseph H (de) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Jammers D (gb) wrote: This movie went nowhere and the stuttering kid was annoying.

cli o (us) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

Simon D (jp) wrote: A bizarre film really. A christmas story about 3 tramps that find an abandoned baby and go on a subsequent adventure. It's gritty and violent, so not a good choice for a family christmas film but a good one for open minded adults. I found that it drooped a bit in the latter stages. The animation was interesting as I'm fairly sure that a lot of the background shots were actual photograhps of tokyo mixed in, which I thought was quite original.

Lisa T (ag) wrote: Its an interesting movie. Its a bit slow, but I liked it.

Melody M (de) wrote: As far as romantic comedies go, this one was pretty original. Both predictable and shockingly not. Granted, it was a little overdone in parts, but a cute film. Not necessarily the greatest message though, as this film obviously supports sex before marriage. it does however seem to be against divorce.

SteL P (ca) wrote: A great performance by the trio!

John D (mx) wrote: Forever Mine is one of those movies that you wish would be better then it is. (Hell the dude behind Taxi Driver is behind it) Instead it is a melodramatic overdone cliched mess.The characters are either far too whinny (Fiennes) or too big of a jerk (Liotta get a Scorsese script quick.) to get as interested or caring, the dialogue is so unintentionally hilarious it sounds like a 8 year old pretending to be serious. Simply put this is a huge mess and depressing to see how bad Paul Schrader's career has been since the early 80s.

Louise D (nl) wrote: I really liked the premise of seeing how a community is affected by a serial killer on the loose, although given that the scenes of killer being "mad" were superfluous cliche. Similarly, while the central 4 characters were well drawn and performed, the others were simple stereotypes. Oh, and it's too long.

Tonya H (gb) wrote: I love this movie. I could watch it all day.

Ryan Z (mx) wrote: Still okay though it's really difficult to capture the gastronomical intensity of the novel.

Alex W (ag) wrote: A forgotten classic about a young immigrants journey to america. The best part about this film is it has some of the greatest characters i have ever seen. Every one of them is interesting and entertaining and still believable. The main character faces a lot of interesting dilemmas and tries to keep his promise to his family while dealing with the cruel world without becoming as cruel as it. With lots of memorable lines and a story that draws you in deep this is a must watch.

Robert H (nl) wrote: While not one of Disney's greatest films plot-wise, it has plenty of visual inspiration to spare. And of course, who could forget the shot that scarred a million childhoods?

Jesse F (es) wrote: Martin Lawrence gives one of the most side-splitting hilarious performances in comedy history. A merciless classic.

Aaron S (mx) wrote: I think it's a nice movie Fresh.

Alex A (br) wrote: Before even reading the synopsis for The Choice, I knew this was going to be a pull-on-those-heart-strings, feel-good kind of movie. After seeing it, my tear drenched cheeks and I knew it. This masterfully crafted love story, directed by Ross Katz, tells the story of two neighbors who fall into the deepest love portrayed on screen since, The Notebook. Theresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker keep a safe distance from each other before even sharing first words but once they do so, well, it's all downhill from there. The story slowly unfolds and after they finally show you just enough to help you believe in their love, they take their acting to the next level, testing the limits on just how far a person can be pushed before they just break. The director does a wonderful job using camera angles, music, and the sheer passion these two actors have for each other to help build a heart wrenching love story that will send you deep into boxes of both chocolates and tissues. Having seen many other movie adaptations to Sparks' books such as The Lucky One, The Notebook, The Longest Ride, The Best of Me, and Safe Haven, his plots are becoming a little predictable but never seem to lose their magic. Somehow he has me lining up to get a ticket at the nearest theatre every time he releases a new movie. None of the movies use the same actors but he, along with the other producers, end up picking the best actors for each role and every time I end up teary-eyed with a box of Kleenex watching the ending credits while I try to gather up my emotions. In this film, Walker does an amazing job portraying a man who's open to love but just hasn't found 'the one' yet. Using the beautiful scenery and the sappy romantic catch phrase 'come bother me' Walker is able to persuade Palmer to take a chance with him. Palmer, on the other hand, portrays a woman who seems happy on the outside but soon realizes that there is a deeper love out there for her. She finally decides to take that leap and in doing so, she is able to use her graceful acting to show the audience just how much more there can be for a person, even after that person thought they had found their happy ending.This film touches on all the beautiful aspects of life from the father-son veterinary clinic that Walker and his on-screen father share, to the beautiful town of Wilmington, N.C. where Travis Shaw (Walker) and Gabby Holland (Palmer) first meet each other. Their love takes a little longer than expected to grow and sure it has its fair share of gooey, cheesy moments but in the end, you can't help but root for them. The two portrayed in this sappy love story go on one heck of a roller coaster, being pushed apart, and pulled back together again. Then in an unfortunate turn of events, the ending does a complete 180 and makes you wonder why you ever signed up to watch it, but somehow you know you want to come back for more. This movie does an immense job of showing the raw side of just how cruel life can be sometimes. Another way the movie just gets even better is through the thoughtful selection of songs that help foreshadow events in the movie. Each song helps to accentuate the mood of the scene and the camera angles and shots help to add depth by following the flow of the song to help make everything work together in a very tasteful way. The camera director uses the camera to focus in and out on certain objects throughout the movie to show what the characters are looking at. He also uses the on-screen weather along with music and lighting to foreshadow a very important event. These movies will have you feeling as if your soulmate is right around the corner. If you don't believe me, see the movie, but before you decide to thank me, dry your tears.