So Evil My Love

So Evil My Love

A missionary's widow meets charming Mark Bellis, artist and rogue, on the ship taking them both back to 1890s London. She will soon find out he has dark ambitions.

Olivia Harwood, missionary's widow, meets charming Mark Bellis, artist and rogue, on the ship taking them both back to 1890s London. When Olivia opens a lodging house Mark becomes her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kay L (us) wrote: A bit slow, but interesting. Watch the YSL doc first.

Seb M (br) wrote: looks very interesting

David H (kr) wrote: A gorgeously blocked and filmed divestiture of a tangle secrets. The first five star film released in 2011 that I've scene. Masterful

Sean C (jp) wrote: Written by Ronnie Warner & Kent GeorgeDirected by Mekhi PhiferTwo stoners, Rico (Ronnie Warner) and Larry (Danny Masterson) realize they haven't paid their rent, and their landlord is pissed. The two hapless morons don't attempt to get jobs, instead they try to figure out a way to watch the Shawshank Redemption marathon that's on TV, if only to see if Rico is right, if Andy actually was raped or not.They wander through the day, trying to find money, or a TV, whichever suits their needs best at the moment, smoking weed the entire time, floating through life listlessly. This isn't a sophisticated movie, it doesn't even attempt to be anything more than what it knows it is.With that said, it has its moments, there are laughs here and there for stoners, and fans of Shawshank Redemption alike. There's even some good jokes here for people that only watch movies on TBS and TNT. It's not particularly well made, although the technical aspects are more than passable, what I was most impressed with is the attitude of the people involved, and how they all seemed highly motivated to want to make this film. Not great, but good for those of us that just want to get stoned and watch a stupid movie.6.3/10

William C (ag) wrote: Grade:5/10Miami Vice, the name conjures up fast cars and the 1980's, but this movie creates very different ideas. Yes Michael Mann(famous for "Heat" and "Ali" etc) makes a crime movie that really does pay, and not very well on that point. It's the kind of movie where intense listening is needed and maybe a very big liking for police movies or crime, because this is one film that really doesn't show either for me, in a well made way.The plot is big and full of things going on at once, this is both it's positives and it's negatives in one, on one hand we have good action and exciting things, on the flip side we have boring dialogue and romance that really gives this movie nothing extra. I feel Mann is not always to blame here for what I felt was an under average movie, but he does direct it in a way which means it is not only un-exciting, but also just not a watch that is needed.Mann writes this as well and although our main actors Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx deliver the lines well enough, it becomes almost too much of a jumble. On to the acting itself and it isn't bad, it is well cast and doesn't shy away from picking names we may not know, but my main problem was with the way it sounds. The actors voices are so low and the accents so incoherent it is hard not to have to strain your ears to know what is going on, they do well most of the cast but what they say at times is a complete mystery.Now the film is beautifully shot, the cinematography for me all in all is the very best thing about this, it makes it not only real but also gives it a feeling as if you are there yourself. Dion Beebe is the mastermind behind this and if you haven't seen it, then notice while watching how it feels more like some sort of documentary than actual film, but that style really pays off. And what of the area they shot in, well it is pretty glamorous at times, I mean what do you expect from drug kingpins boats to the beautiful city of Miami, the film is well located and the scene shots can be breathtaking.Is it like it's basis, the 1980's show Miami Vice? ,not at all in fact it couldn't at times feel more opposite. It is much darker, and that is in tone and themes, the dark underbelly of Miami remains, but the city never looked so ugly when Mann wants it to be. I felt that the movie in a way doesn't hark back to the memories so many fans have, yes it has it's cars and boats, guns etc but not the beautiful scores that the TV show had, not to mention the actual connection people had with the characters, which just doesn't come though here. If you want good crime movies with smart plots and good action too, I won't say don't give this a watch, but just find something else first because this can and I guarantee for some is a real snooze. The plot as I said is thick with things going on, but there's the problem it is too full and you can easily be lost in the way things are going. The main two characters Crockett and Tubbs have no real bond and in truth spend too much time not together in this movie.Overall it's not a movie for all, maybe for some, but probably won't please fans of the TV series. I felt it was as mentioned under average and I felt that because not only have we seen things like this before, Mann can't even make this a good kind of seen before and his attempt at remaking this just becomes not bad, but too near to being poor to be acceptable.

Alex R (es) wrote: An uplifting Christmas movie with classic Will Farrell at his best. I watch it a few times yearly right around Christmas. One of my Favs.

Nico B (es) wrote: It's no Bond or Bourne, but XXX delivers a new take on the spy thriller genre, with wild action sequences and Vin Diesel kicking ass, definitely delivers summer fun!

Alexi H (au) wrote: gotta love it. hilarious, dated. silly.

Tommy M (ag) wrote: It feels more like an awareness piece more than an actual film, but the message is still loud and clear with a strong sense of patriotism at its core

Kevin S (mx) wrote: SUMMARY: A former bounty hunter now kindergarten teacher tries to hide her former job but now must save the family business when her identity is at stake when a former bounty she missed is at large. She is also engaged and is trying to keep her bounty hunter job a secret from him and plus she has to team up with her ex boyfriend who is a bounty hunter too. REVIEW: I was suprised I kind of liked it. The acting wasn't that great and the action was cheesy but I still think it was worth watching even though it was a whole 73min long. It was a fun little movie and there was some pretty good humor in it to make it stay afloat. And being a wrestling fan and being the first movie I seen him in "The Miz" didn't do that bad of a job here. I thought it was a fun little christmas movie to watch. Not the best out there but worth a watch or two.

bill s (de) wrote: There are always one or two funny moments in Farrell's work but here that really is it.

gary t (it) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch its a fictional story but its really good n enjoyable throughout this movie...i think that rutger hauer plays a good part throughout this movie its a enjoyable mystery/action/adventure movie 2 watch its a good movie