...So Goes the Nation

...So Goes the Nation

A look at the role of the Buckeye State in the 2004 Presidential Election.

A look at the role of the Buckeye State in the 2004 Presidential Election. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


...So Goes the Nation torrent reviews

Jack B (ru) wrote: well done,painful to watch at times,makes you hate bruce dern

Chris M (de) wrote: worse horror movie ever made learn how to make a movie!

Steve M (kr) wrote: A cute film, especially if you have ever hung out for a few days in a tiny harbour while in Newfoundland. A bit like an extended episode of an east coast version of "Corner Gas." Is it realistic? No. Is it Canadiana? Definitely. A fairy tale for a part of the country that has seen more than its fair share of hard knocks and I quite enjoyed it!

Soni K (gb) wrote: You worship the Divine goddess in her idol form, yet in her human form you shun her. <--(or words to that effect) If you like Bollywood movies in general, or even if you've only seen and enjoyed a few ( Bride and Prejudice?, Slum dog millionaire, etc), then this should be among those to give a try.Set predominantly in Hindustan (India) and revolving around a traditional, yearly cricket match between India and Pakistan for the Aman (Peace) cup, the story follows Veera, a Punjab girl, who hopes one day to be the #1 cricketer, only problem is, she's a woman (and there are no female cricket teams) and so enters Veer.This isn't just a Bollywood song and dance romance, albeit the song and dance numbers are infectious in their rhythm and movement (and made me anyway, wanna get up and dance), and the romance lends to the over coming of differences. As light and funny and VERY COLOURFUL, as it is at times, at its heart is a warming story of a girl, her identity, a dream, love of country and two nations!

Ken T (ag) wrote: It was cute, it was funny...Guzman was a scene stealin' feine. Worth the look especially being a holiday movie and it is the holidays now...

Linus C (au) wrote: The gimmick never cuts out, but it's a insightful look into the oft-demonized Middle East.

Jenna I (es) wrote: I genuinely really liked this! A supremely interesting time in American history and some really wonderful acting by Cranston here. I'm not sure why the reviews of this movie are calling it cliche or 'gaudy.' Perhaps they're mistaking dry humor for sincerity? I mean the movie is really about how, behind closed doors, capitalism will always trump all other 'morals' in the United States. For all of the red-white-and-blue fanfare we love to show on the outside, and people we'll throw in jail over not expressing themselves in the 'correct' way, when it comes down to it the real God we pray to is the almighty dollar. This country simply doesn't care if you're a so-called pinko commie or a conservative christian fascist, if you're an enterprising hard worker who can make other people money then that's really all that matters. It's that duplicity that's so harrowing and absurd, you've got to laugh or else you'll cry.I thought Roach did a great job of showing the dimension of the various characters- as Trumbo himself says there are no heroes or villains, just victims. Cranston's Trumbo indeed comes off as a victim, unfairly maligned and forced into a corner where he no longer has the capacity to see anything but temporary allies or enemies, alienating his family and ultimately himself. He's also supremely charming. You get the sense Dalton Trumbo just -was- the kind of guy that, as Louis CK's clunky character keeps sighing about, speaks as if everything he was saying should be chiseled in stone. I loved the emphasis on his wife and family, their struggles really added to the emotional depth of the film. All in all, I found the film to be fast paced and interesting throughout, no clue how people found this to be boring.

Sasy N (nl) wrote: Schner Weihnachtsfilm, sehr emotional und mitreiend. Hab tatschlich die eine oder andere Trne vergossen. *schnff*

Peter T (es) wrote: Very full on , Franco naked mm

Freddie F (ca) wrote: Probably Gus Van Sant's best film. Also, clearly the greatest Bela Tarr fan film ever made.

Eliabeth C (ca) wrote: good. but sooooo long!

Pam R (gb) wrote: While the movie had some nice visual affects, the overall plot was completely nonsensical. The premise of the film was about a Nun who was supposed to be sadistic and abusive towards a group of young girls in a Boarding school. The Nun disappears and years later, the women are haunted by her and one by one, they end up dead. The problem is that the Nun didn't come off as sadistic and abusive as the writer/directer intended. They failed to show just how evil and crazy this Nun was and offered a trite and contrived motivation behind the Nun's behavior. It just didn't deliver.

Maarten V (us) wrote: What strikes me about Renoir - besides the fact that he was an excellent director - is how funny some of his movies are until this very day, which this film beautifully illustrates. Great flic, and great evening watching it!

Heather E (gb) wrote: This could have been even better. Enjoyable, but with some plot weaknesses.

Dave M (de) wrote: Wow this movie is a steaming pile of turd. It's another weak attempt to pay homage to the 80's horror genre with it's cheesy 80's synth music and yellow/blue film filters. The stories are poorly written, uninteresting and disjointed, just mindless drivel. The acting is as bad as it gets, just your typical b-move standard. Even Ed Wood would not be impressed. Don't bother wasting your time with this one, just run away as fast as you can.