So It's You

So It's You

A pair of broken-hearted people meet and begin a relationship, but their painful pasts hang over their romance.

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So It's You torrent reviews

Jennifer C (kr) wrote: Absolutely love this film, it's completely insane and shows that you don't need to have loads of money to create a great film that is just 100% pure enjoyment. This has been a wonderful start for Jen and Sylvia Soska, they are definitely two sisters to look out for, I think we'll be hearing a lot of them in the deranged world of horror from here on out! <3 The more I watch this film, the more I love it even more!

Andy G (de) wrote: -From a craft stand-point, it's nice to see all the bashing of the big breweries and their use of money to remove competition.-From a film stand-point, it's not that well-made.-While I respect Rhonda Kallman's work ethic and drive, I don't respect her beer which is said to be absolute garbage. (Of course, I suppose I should find out for myself)-Seemed loosely put together.-Good information though.

Melissa H (it) wrote: Not quite horrendous, but pretty trite and not in the usual Akshay fun, goofy way.

Eiliv S (fr) wrote: En Ghandi-hyllest innpakket i Bollywood sjangeren med romantikk og humor.

Robin T (fr) wrote: Well told story depicting how the innocent victim become imprisoned by their inner demons. The vast majority of women in prison have similar tales. Good acting job by all the cast.

Lee E (au) wrote: Why?How? how can a box office smash spawn this crap

Andy P (us) wrote: A sweet funny romantic dramedy that effortlessly moves through the very serious and outrageous moments thanks to a smart script and a fantastic performance by Claire Danes (as if that is a shock...).

Kris W (fr) wrote: Wayne knight small part.

Emily L (gb) wrote: NO. No, no, no, no, no.

Dane S (fr) wrote: Not bad movie about a homophobic man being rehabilitated by a drag queen after a stroke.

Eric K (mx) wrote: Title: Pumpkinhead II: Blood WingsStarring: Andrew Robinson, Ami Dolenz, J. Trevor Edmund, Soleil Moon FryeDirector: Jeff BurrYear: 1994Runtime: 88 Minutes*****Spoilers Galore*****The Story1950s. A bully group of youngsters known as The Red Wings (yeah, it gets worse. A lot worse) chase down, stab and hang little innocent Tommy, a deformed redneck misfit that lives deep in the secluded areas of Ferren Woods.Flash aheadOfficer Sean Braddock relocates his family from New York to his hometown of Ferren Woods, in an attempt to keep his daughter Jenny out of trouble. Within ten minutes of the movie, she's hanging out with the baddest of the bad, and they end up pissing off an old lady enough for her to wish death on them all by conjuring up Pumpkinhead.ReviewWell, the dark and eerie atmosphere of Stan Winston's monster/revenge horror blast is long gone. Director Jeff Burr (Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) takes a once intimidating Alien-esque looking demon and tosses him under some really bad lighting in outdoor nighttime settings, giving him away way too much; making him look so damn rubbery and corny that The Gil-less Man from The Creature Walks Among Us would laugh his ass off ... for days. The bleakness is gone. The feeling of Unstoppable carnage and revenge that emenates in the first film is made into a hokey crapfest (almost Unworthy of having a drinking game created for it, where every time you see the actor playing Pumpkinhead's fucking Nikes, you take a swig).The acting is as plastic as it gets to begin with, and the story does no justice for character development either. The writers had previously done work strictly for television, I'm guessing Public Access. This comes off as a bad TV movie, which would explain why Sci-fi seemed to enjoy playing it frequently in the past. A new girl in town clinging to the local badboy (who is responsible for hospitalizing an elderly lady, and burning down her house. Oh, and stealing a page from her copy of The Book of Shadows, along with a vial of blood needed for a vengeful resurrection) and putting all of her trust in him within a day is highly unlikely; no matter what kind of connection she feels she has with the geek. I was also put off by the attempt at making said local badboy's (J. Trevor Edmund- Return of the Living Dead 3) persona distinctly familiar to the jerk character in the first film. It didn't work here to the same effect, due to the whole film being such a joke.Perhaps the worst addition here is trying to display Pumpkinhead as a sympathetic character, beneath the surface. This is right away experimented with flash back sequences from a deformed, backwoods kid's past. And the struggle to pull this off is butchered, due to a horrendous finale, in which Pumpkinhead is hinted to be doing friendly deeds; such as returning a toy fire truck that fell in a well to its rightful owner. Fucking ridiculous. Oh, to make things worse, this Pumpkinhead is actually the son of another Pumpkinhead. Yeah, that's right. Thankfully, not much detail is given to this part of the plot. Last thing I need is to see a back story of Pumpkinhead getting his fuck on, taking his girlfriend to Lamaze class, having a baby freak or whatever other shit they could throw into that whole mess of a story. Though, it could make for a highly viewable sequel, for the worst reasons imaginable.The sad thing is, the film does contain some moments that could've been parts of a good (or at least passable) sequel. Actually, if you just take out all the sequences that involve the story, you'd be good to go. There are some really elaborate shots (the POV camera work of a shovel digging up Tommy's grave is honestly quite refreshing to uncover through the lot of this mess) and kill scenes here, to be truthful. They are aimed more for a horror romp effect than the deaths in the first film; but from that point-of-view, they are pretty entertaining.I have two favorites---One) The death of the backwoods dumb shit farmer (played by Joe Unger from TCM III). He's hung onto a hook in his barn by Pumpkinhead, while this wacky rambling resonates from the radio; a religious man preaching about The Satan and destruction and all that good stuff... Anyway, there's a brief moment before the demon tears him to shreds that we see his point of view while he's dangling upside down, and the demon folds his long arms out wide and strongly resembles that of an inverted cross. A scene in the finale demonstrates the beast as a cross right side up. I don't know if this is the director's intention, but it seemed right for the scene, and it really stuck with me. It's too remarkable to be in this film.Two) The chubby, sex driven mailman (R.A. Mihailoff- Leatherface from TCM III), whom actually steals more mail than he delivers. This time our ears are paraded with overbearingly loud country music while Pumpkinhead performs his vicious gig of beating, tossing and tearing. It's a laughable scene, ultimately; I'm hoping that was the intention.Although I am more than disappointed with Pumpkinhead's appearance here, I am pleased with K.N.B.'s bloodletting. The movie isn't cream filled with nastiness, but there are some fun moments. Seeing the demon rip one victim's head clean off and toss it through the woods is worthy of at least a few hits of the rewind button, I promise.Andrew Robinson (Hellraiser) could be noted as the film's only saving grace in the acting department; he could've been sleepwalking and gave a better performance than the rest of the cast. But even he's not in top form. His greatest moment would be when he rehearses the famously bad rhyme from the first film, and this is a pretty embarrassing moment, to say the least.Ami Dolenz is no stranger to the genre. Having previously played in Children of the Night, Witchboard II and Ticks (aka Infested, a Clint Howard guilty pleasure), she has all the right ingredients to be a B-Movie Scream Queen. However, her appearance as Jenny strongly conflicts with the vaguely talked about character's troublesome past. I mean c'mon, she looks goody two shoes as all hell.There's quite a few familiar faces to take note of, other than the few I've already mentioned. For one, Punky Brewster herself, Soleil Moon Frye. She plays Marcie, part of the town bad-ass crew, and she knows a great deal about witchcraft; because one of these dim wits really NEEDS to be smart enough in the field of witchery to resurrect a dead person; the movie calls for it. She was said to have been instructed to gain 20 pounds for her role in this film. Why this was a necessity or how it has any significance to the film, I'll never know. Kane Hodder plays an incestuous redneck that hosts chicken wars with his brother in their backyard for all the local rednecks. Linea Quigley also shows up for a cameo sex scene, of course. And we are blessed with Roger Clinton, as the town mayor; whom really has no significance what so ever.I could recommend this for all the wrong reasons, but I think most people reading would want to send death threats; especially if they have already seen it and know what I'm trying to lure them into. Even a completist could pass this up in all reality. I supposed it was a blast to revisit this insipid piece of... work. But I don't see going back to it again for a long, long time.

Tom S (ag) wrote: A humorous tale of Greenwich Village and the quirky people that inhabit it. I can't wait to go next year, though I know that it won't be much like it was in the 1950's.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Quite silly premise, but really entertaining!

Michael F (ag) wrote: A strange, stylish, and dreamlike drive-in zombie shocker that, with its quiet, brooding, and ethereal storytelling methodology, is firmly planted in the early '70s. Like 1971's Let's Scare Jessica to Death (which is a great companion piece to this film), modern horror fans should avoid this unless they are willing to accept a filmmaking worldview in which subtext and feeling supplant blood and gore.

Jessica H (br) wrote: interesting idea with a recycled 90's look.