So This Is New York

So This Is New York

A small town man inherits a significant fortune and takes his family to New York City whereupon they are continually shocked at the alien culture of the Big Apple.

A small town man inherits a significant fortune and takes his family to New York City. Urban culture shock takes the form of strange ways and oddball characters Based on Ring Lardner's novel "The Big Town." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nena R (ca) wrote: This is a great movie! Great awareness movie...

Dan H (es) wrote: Well acted decent movie and being based on true events makes it even better.

John W (br) wrote: More akin to Eagle Eye than the original WarGames, WG: The Dead Code has some nods to its superior predecessor, including resurrecting WOPR and Joshua, but still falls short and is without any of the original's charm and heart.

Mark W (mx) wrote: Very good doc on Soldiers after they came home from war. They Talk a lot about their experience of being in the Military. Show this film to anyone who wants to enlist.

Christine M (ca) wrote: It's well well funny..They're horrible, horrible people with quite a pathetic story; its beautifully shot; and in 4 different languages. Its a definative Black comedy.

Justin J (us) wrote: C+I can actually say that this is, by far one of the best SyFy films, right amount of gore, good acting, and really good special effects. I can also say I enjoy watching this on occasions!

bill s (es) wrote: Another movie where eventual big time actors wish you'd never known they were in.

Michael H (es) wrote: Strange thriller. Corny yet also slightly creepy.

Art S (mx) wrote: As time marches on and all of us are doomed to repeat the history we (a) never learned or( b) have already forgotten, films like Godard's La Chinoise seem like unearthed wax cylinders from some alien meteorite. As a cineaste, there is much to enjoy here, from the bold use of color and text to the pop-art comic book graphic advertising poster design montage. But even someone relatively unexposed to Marxist-Leninist-Maoist philosophy such as I noticed the current relevance of the French students' discussion and advocacy of terrorism as a tool to fulfill their desire to throw out the corrupt and decadent trappings of their culture (and their universities). However, Godard seems to be poking fun at his protagonists even as he arms them with theories and knowledge from his own studies.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Superior political/terrorist thriller with good screenplay and acting by Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling. Gripping and gritty, while illustrating the moral dilemmas on both sides.

Stephen H (nl) wrote: It's the best my favourite Part is when it's Mavis'sBirth day