Soapte de amor

Soapte de amor


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Juan Pablo S (ca) wrote: really, really, really bad directing, editing and special effects

Jesus B (br) wrote: Looks cheap but have an awesome plot, well Its low budget and is a new type of movie when the criminals become victims is like a bloody Home alone kind of movie, I wish there are more movies like this. This is gonna become a cult classics of criminal fate movies (or not lol).

Quiche E (ag) wrote: kafkaen!A ne ppas louper !

Mark F (gb) wrote: I found this movie much more funnier the first times I watched it but now it seemed as if it was too much of a narrative at parts. Still there were some enjoyable scenes.

Geanina F (ca) wrote: Unlike other films, this one has the decency to relate to true facts and real history events.I loved it! It has the romance, the thrill, the passion of the Romanian people and the action.So before you listen to all the criticisms from the people that have nothing to do with Romania, give it a chance.

Victoria K (gb) wrote: Not too bad of a movie. It was a low budget film and the plot wasn't too original, but it was ok. I enjoyed it overall.

Salix A (jp) wrote: Why, oh why did I watch this?The devil rape scene in the beginning was a warning to stop watching this. Things just got worse, and worse...some idiot dressed up with the mask on, killing everyone still doesn't add up to "somehow he got out!" And where did the idea that medication will keep a demonic spirit under wraps, come from exactly? Playing "puppet master"? And the green looking devil woman....I just can't say anymore. This is one of the STUPIDEST films I have ever seen.

James H (es) wrote: Better than I was expecting. The actors develop their opposite characters nicely and their interation with opposing viewpoints is interesting. They are very real characters. The film seems just a series of various stories strung together by the two main leads, but the last 1/4 of the film pulls it all together nicely.

Justin R (gb) wrote: Pure lack of will and xanex prevented me from watching this somewhat poorly planned attack by U.S. Armed Forces.

Steve S (au) wrote: *** (out of four) Alex is a sixteen year old boy who lives in a boys brothel in the city of Medellin. He is used to living and killing in the streets. He becomes involved with a writer who has recently returned to the city. Not easy subject matter, but extremely well made film with great performances.

Armando P (jp) wrote: TV Cartoon was way better. This is a 5 out of 10

Nadine B (fr) wrote: I remember when I loved the Olsen twins....yeah, not a huge fan anymore....always liked their mystery series better

Grant S (us) wrote: Not great, but not that bad either.Set sometime in the distant future, a young Earth woman, Barbarella (played by Jane Fonda), is sent on a mission to find and stop the evil Durand Durand, who has developed a weapon capable of destroying the world. In her quest to find him, she encounters some weird and wonderful people and creatures and has some interesting adventures...Has all the ingredients of a b-grade movie: random, weird plot; haphazard direction; hammy acting. Yet somehow it is reasonably entertaining. The sheer energy and pace of the movie keep it from falling apart. Jane Fonda's looks and nonchalant-yet-effervescent performance help too.I imagine it worked even better when it was released. The movie was made at the height of psychedelia and it has the right ingredients to capture that zeitgeist: bright-colour-filled, fantastical, trippy sets and plot and free love. I would think that being high would be useful when watching this movie..Probably its most enduring legacy is that it gave the English New Romantic-genre band Duran Duran its name.

Stacy G (us) wrote: Emilie De Ravin was good, but the main guy was awful.

ld p (de) wrote: Port of Call (1948) Hamnstad ["Harbour city"] Bergman's 5th film 2nd directing effort. Personal freedom is a major theme of this lovely, bleak, but not pessimistic, early Ingmar Bergman movie. This one of the his rare Swedish films focusing on family life. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that it has an eclectic mix of serious themes. These themes include bitter, harsh realities like abortion,broken home, correctional house etc. Bergman has deftly portrayed the dreary lives of its two lonely protagonists : Gosta and Berit. A lonely ship guy comes home to Sweden after 8 years at sea. His first day back- he saves a girl from drowning (herself). She is Bergit who has a trouble past. They fall in love. She hates the life she is trapped in and social workers monitor her and she is living with a strict overbearing mom . The mom herself is trapped in a horrible abusive marriage. Bergit is out of reformatory for girls (on kind of a probation). Will Gosta the sailor give her the love she needs and marry her? Meanwhile, Berit is desperate to be free: free from the badgering and manipulation of the mother she is forced to live with, free of the dirty work of the factory and free of her social worker and the constant threat of returning to reformatory school. Her already unhappy life is complicated when an old friend from the school desperately needs her help.. Bergman himself admitted the strong influence of Rossellini and Neo-Realism on this dockside drama, filmed partly on authentic Gothenburg locations. Bergman makes excellent use of his gritty, sea-front locations and doesn't shirk from showing the drudgery and misery his protagonists endure in their day-to-day lives. Although less typical of Bergman's style than most of his films, Port of Call is a good piece of work. A certain influence from Italian neo-realism may be found, and this is suited to the type of story told here. The fine handling of the actors does much to catch the interest of the spectator, and the life of the harbor has been well integrated into the plot. The film is a good example of his early film work before he had gathered the regular troupe of actors and characters that he would later mine for his more complex, psychological dramas. Later Bergman dramas would come to be associated with personal breakdowns, the alienation and isolation of the characters expressed partly in the remoteness of the outside locations Here, as in many of Bergman??s early films (Summer Interlude, Summer With Monika, Torment) it??s the outside location, the small-town attitudes and social restrictions on young people, particularly women, that influences the state of mind of the characters rather than represents it. Port of Call is consequentially a much more conventional social drama, a rite of passage for the young director. It is a typical example of the first period in Bergman's filmography that will reach its climax with "Summer with Monika". The story may sound clichd and nave at times, but it is its honesty that engages its viewers, as well as the masterful shots of the great Swedish director. This is the 5th film to be directed by Bergman, Port of Call is the first which shows him to full advantage. It is just as interesting on a visual scope as his films usually are While it lacks the sophistication and complexity of later Bergman films, Port of Call is nevertheless a very fine film. We yearn for Berit to find freedom from her unpleasant life, and most of all freedom from loneliness, just as we hope Gsta can free himself from jealousy and the specters of long-gone rivals for his affections. This film was made in collaboration with cinematographer Gunnar Fischer, with whom he continued to work on seventeen other films (including Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal) until switching to another great cinematographer, Sven Nykvist. Although it pales in comparison to his more philosophical works, Bergman??s brief flirtation with social-realism is a work of quite some power, and, compared to most films of its day, decidedly adult in its depiction of difficult subject matter. I liked this film five stars.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Original angle for the gangster genre. With several supporting roles well cast.

Ryan G (nl) wrote: You know what, anyone who watches this movie thinks that it;s gonna be the perfect war film probably should not be watching films at all. Granted there's no such thing as a perfect film. Midway is pretty corny but it was also made in 1976, that's really not an excuse though which is why this film gets a lower rating from me even though I did not think it was that bad. I can;t help but call the acting terrible, even Henry Fonda is sort of ehh, but he really did not have that big of a role. One good thing I will say about the film which makes me give it two and a half stars, is the overall feel of the film. I felt I was in the 1940's, while I wasn't born in the 1940's from what I know about it, the film does a good job of giving it that old school feel.

Yash B (fr) wrote: Though it lacks realism, you will not leave without laughing and saying "I had a great time".

Corey T (it) wrote: Woof! What a dog. It has one good scene and the rest is mush. Sorry Hasselhoff.