Sobre dos ruedas

Sobre dos ruedas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:10 minutes
  • Release:1957
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Sobre dos ruedas torrent reviews

Ryan S (au) wrote: It's a good movie and all, but it's forgettable

Michaela R (ag) wrote: Yes, Estonian's freedom was won through song & had little, if anything, to do with the Soviet coup in Moscow. ;)

Kevin L (jp) wrote: Can't believe I saw this in theaters. The script is terrible and the film is dull to sit through.

Solana S (es) wrote: i loved it. it had a great ending

faceless kitty puke (ag) wrote: Hilarious and Dark. Ozon is a very versatile director

Rebecca G (es) wrote: I can't be objective about this one, sorry. Let's just say it has some catchy tunes!

Adam H (it) wrote: Great documentary on the Shakespeare play Richard III with a great cast including: Kevin Spacey Winona Ryder Aidan Quinn F. Murray Abraham Kenneth Branagh Kevin Kline James Earl Jones Rosemary Harris Derek Jacobi John Gielgud Vanessa Redgrave and so many more!

Issac L (nl) wrote: 1982 is such a competitive year for actresses, most prominently is Meryl Streep's critics-consensus "the all-time best female performance" and Oscar-crowning SOPHIE'S CHOICE (1982), which shamefully I haven't watched yet. Thus unfairly other contenders didn't stand any chance to beat her for that, but I never doubt that it was a nip-and-tuck between Streep and Lange in her tour-de-force sensation FRANCES. Frances Farmer is hardly a household name among film boffins, she was a shooting star in the Tinseltown, whose defiant nature is destined for hemming herself as a fair game to the studio persecution, and the inhuman therapeutic treatments she receives in the mental hospitals are fierce indictment of our society's callous depersonalization under the aegis of medical remedy, although whether the lobotomy operation was executed still lacks of conviction. Farmer exhibits her rebelliousness from the very start with her religion-defying speech "god was gone" when she was simply a high-schooler, a fearless doll under the high-handedness of her control freak mother (Stanley), Lange's rendition is begging description, an almost 30 years age-range and 140-minutes running time thoroughly proffers her an once-in-a-lifetime stretch to embody herself into this anguished persona, she minutely delineates how the life-force has been mercilessly ripped off her inch by inch and a belated and vehement face-off with her mother is the most theatrical moment and is the apotheosis of a heart-wrenching vicariousness, bravo to both Lange and Stanley! Henry York (Shepard), a fictional character as the only man who truly understands Farmer and loves her unconditionally is the narrator, this concoction is a poetic license to add some solace in Farmer's wretched life and a considerable move for its audiences' sake, but meanwhile it barely serves a slush albeit Shepard and Lange work wonder together, the make-believe default also makes no room to expound why those two lovers could not be together, an over-romanticized tone may counteract the despondency of the film but it is also an untimely reminder of how close itself could be as brave as its leading lady Jessica Lange!

John M (ca) wrote: Very well-crafted giallo is an obvious precursor to Nicolas Roeg's ingenious and similarly Venetian-set "Don't Look Now". The score was amazing; The locations were beautiful, though not as gory as other in its genre but It was suspenseful at times and another times very disturbing, specially the opening kill.One of the better giallo movies!!!

William W (fr) wrote: I greatly enjoyed this--the second of seven films from my 'Jean Harlow: The 100th Anniversary Collection' put out by Warner Archives, unfortunately not with anything in the way of DVD extras (except for a cool, unadvertised set of postcards), and only three of the films were remastered. So it was as if they were perhaps celebrating her, say, 99th birthday and not going all-out like they could and should have, since she DID single-handedly save the studio from bankruptcy three years prior.I like the way filmmakers back then didn't care if a French actor was playing an Irish inventor and an English actor was portraying a French pilot. THESE days, there'd be sheer, unadulterated hell to pay.It was a really strange mix of genres, to get absolutely everybody into the seats. I could just see the pitch at the board meeting now: '1914 period piece romantic-comedy mixed with wartime spy thriller and musical'. But Harlow knocked it out of the ballpark, just like she always did. Supertrooper right to the very end.

Caesar M (us) wrote: Last week I had the pleasure of seeing mockbuster "Android Cop" which for all it flaws was just a cheap action movie. Now imagine me trying to absorb the existence that is "Apocalypse Pompeii" from the same studio "The Asylum". From a business standpoint why out of all the blockbusters to make a knock off from would someone pick Paul W.S. Anderson "Pompeii"? Then again, why question the logic of a studio whose name is "The Asylum". Apocalypse Pompeii is about a former Special Ops commando visiting Italy when his wife and daughter are trapped in the ruins of Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius erupts with massive force. Okay a premise like that has to be interesting right? How can't it be when you have a special ops commando fighting the forces of a Volcano to look for his family. Well the film finds a way and much like Mt. Vesuvius it's a disaster of magnitude force. Logic is broken and no I'm talking about the lava which roars in one scene. By sheer luck it just turns out the special ops daughter just so happen to read about Volcanoes all her life. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact despite two loud, Earth shaking warnings no one on the tour to Pompeii ruins bother to get back a tour bus and head back to Italy. Once the actual disaster starts (the Volcano eruption, not the film) everything becomes a snooze fest. Switching between the daughter leading everyone on the tour to safety while the special ops father finding a way to save his family. Neither of the characters are interesting to follow. The synopsis is about as much development you'll get for the special ops father and a couple of lines for his daughter. He's a boring father always with a one tracked much like his personality only unable to say anything other than exposition. His side of the story is dull unable to get behind him when not only does his team blow up part of a military base, but also steals a Helicopter illegally. Okay I understand it's his family he's trying to safe, but I'm sure not getting court martial nor possibly a life in prison sentence for attacking a military base is more important for your family too. As for the daughter her side of the events are equally just as dull. Everything works out because of plot convenience not by smart thinking. She's a walking deus ex machina fixing problems whenever they occurred. As a whole the film is shallow, dull, questionable, and uneventful in just about every single minute it last. Acting on the other hand is just as shallow and one dimensional. Adrian Paul (who I named Not Liam Neeson) is more lifeless than a corpse. He shows no emotion like a rock, has about the same amount of charisma as the grim reaper, and acting chops as visible as air. He's not a good leading actor to put it more bluntly. Georgina Beedle (who I named Not Amanda Seyfried) is one dimensional, unconvincing, and like Adrian Paul has the charisma of death. Come to think of it this whole cast is filled with actors you would find in films as extra with no lines. Direction is uninspired as the people desperately try to overcome the disaster that is SHAKY CAMQUAKE. No amount of cheap CG can hide the fact that the actors are looking at giant note cards that tell them "Fall down like an idiot". Just about everything from the production is immensely underwhelming. Apocalypse Pompeii is the worst kind of knock off that fails as an original creation to entertain and as imitation resembles nothing it's copying. Desperately making the viewer want to reach the finish line as this is one disaster of a film that can take lives...maybe not, but it'll most likely put you in a comma due to sheer magnitude of boredom.

Emod L (us) wrote: C-Attack of the Clones is still plagued by uninspired acting and a stale script. but the visuals are appealing, the story is a little more engaging, and there is some character development.

Victoria W (ag) wrote: I guess I'm one of the very few, but I liked this movie. Maybe because I wasn't expecting a super scary Exorcist type of experience. It was less found-footage/blair witch and more just a documentary to me, so IMO it delivered a compelling story.