Social Genocide

Social Genocide

After the fall of the military dictatorship in 1983, successive democratic governments launched a series of reforms purporting to turn Argentina into the world's most liberal and prosperous... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (es) wrote: As much as I love seeing my hometown and Minneapolis bars in a movie, the acting is pretty bad. And there's not much interest in these characters. I know it's probably a personal story but it feels cliche and worn from other Indie movies rather than being its own original thing.

Ren J (kr) wrote: Misleading english title demon inside and a pretty pointless story. Not the worst movie I've seen though.

Mariana M (us) wrote: This is why I don't like going to foreign countries. Scary!!

Jessi Juno T (de) wrote: couldn't even get through an hour of it. had to trn it off. not what i expected it to be.

Olaine B (nl) wrote: hilarious with more action

Jos M (gb) wrote: The story isn't very interesting after the incredible prologue, but Pedro Almodvar's Carne trmula presents some amazing performances and intriguing characters, along with some really enjoyable soundtrack.

Brett H (it) wrote: Just another heist movie. Take it or leave it, but saw this on cable TV when there's nothing else on.

Ian C (de) wrote: I wanted to revisit The Wire after re-watching this. Lindo as always is on fire as is Keitel and Turturro but it is the legend that is Keith David who's the daddy in this.

(kr) wrote: very light rommantic movie about married amn and women falling in love when they daily meet each other

Kinkykia69 T (gb) wrote: This sounds ultimatly hilarious i must see this! LMAO!!!

Philip G (jp) wrote: I loved all of Jerry's movies when I was a kid, but as I got older many of them did not seem all that funny or enjoyable anymore. Several of them however, still crack me up every time I watch them and The Big Mouth is definitely in that category. I guess you have to be fan of the Three Stooges to enjoy a movie like this one and I am big fan of the Stooges. This movie along with Which Way to the Front are my two favorite Lewis movies now, both being nothing more than simple slapstick comedy vehicles for Jerry and buddies to have fun on camera. I will be very glad when this is released on BluRay or DVD.

Stella D (ru) wrote: the inexplicably wonderful ninon sevilla stars in this noirish tale of good girl gone bad (or not) complete with lavish musical numbers. must be seen to be believed