A Beverly Hills teen (Billy Warlock) discovers his parents are part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   murder,   fight,  

Bill is worried that he is 'different' to his sister and parents. They mix with other 'upper class' people while Bill is more down to earth. Even his girlfriend seems a bit odd. All is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mehreen H (ca) wrote: extraordinary and beautiful

Erin C (gb) wrote: Good TV movie. Pretty good acting as well.

Pej D (us) wrote: 2 girls searching for catharsis and fun in madrid following betrayal by their lovers. awesome soundtrack and lush camerawork to convey spirit.

Tracey c (nl) wrote: In 1944, a group of high command officers plot an attempt against Hitler, and one of the leaders of the conspiracy, Stauffenberg (Sebastian Koch), goes to a meeting with the Fuhrer in charge of exploding the place. However, Hitler survives and the officers are executed. This unsuccessful operation was called "Valkyrie Operation", and this realistic movie discloses this true event.

Kelley C (kr) wrote: Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs. That is enough.

Art S (fr) wrote: Alec Baldwin seems different, younger, and, well, more psychotic, but it is possible to see his later comic swagger buried deep inside his character here, an ex-con on a murderous rampage who shacks up in an illusion of domestic tranquillity with hooker Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film is an adaptation of Charles Willeford's book (featuring homicide detective Hoke Moseley, played screwily by Fred Ward here), but as Jonathan Rosenbaum has pointed out, it also owes something to Godard's Breathless, a film which also saw a man-on-the-run make the mistakes that end his life because of love. Miami Blues is no Breathless but it does have a certain unpredictable charm - perhaps this is due to the inordinate amount of odd details. For example, Moseley's dentures play a prominent supporting role. Perhaps though the central theme is about the power of cultural "ideals" to lend stability to a life that is falling apart? Although they may be only illusions, Baldwin seems to want badly to experience a domestic partnership and a house with a white picket fence. He also seems to believe that cops have power and command respect (at least this is how he acts when adopting the role, illicitly) even when Ward's cop Moseley is doing it tough, living hand-to-mouth in a dingy hotel room. All told, this is a film that looks like any number of early 90s thrillers but is far more eccentric, contains superior acting, and isn't headed anyplace you expect.

Tom H (au) wrote: 22.04.2013,05.06.2016For some reason i just love this movie as one of my all time favorite Clint Eastwood films. i just think it is awesome seeing him in action as a strict authority figure playing by his own rules.

Peter P (kr) wrote: Although this has a good cast, it just seem to have very little story and was going no where fast, and considering it has a running time of 2 1/2 hours I gave up after the first 1/2 hour.

Samuel R (kr) wrote: hilarious movie; in boca al lupo!!!

David W (mx) wrote: At least the Smurfs look like the Smurfs

Zachary M (gb) wrote: This concept works on two levels of metaphoric levels. It feeds the fuel on tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists about the idea of aliens and/or a government conspiracy is secretly watching and controlling our lives and our thoughts. It also plays into the idea of a ruling class of both political and economic stance that also do more or less the same thing. What sells it above all other paranoia type films is the action, and specifically the performance by Roddy Roddy Piper. When talking about great action heroes of all time, I believe the Hot Rod needs to be in the consideration even if he didn't have as many roles as many other notable action move character actors. That is just how perfect he sells the action and humor of this movie. Movies can be made or broke by its leads, and this one is certainly made by it.