Sodoma... L'altra faccia di Gomorra

Sodoma... L'altra faccia di Gomorra

A hilarious spoof on Matteo Garrone's celebrated crime masterpiece. Shot entirely in Naples, with a wealth of fantastic character actors, the film is a refreshing take on some of the most ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mafia,   commedia,   gomorrah,  

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Sodoma... L'altra faccia di Gomorra torrent reviews

katih x p (au) wrote: fis movie was gd,, i watched it da ufa di wif mim mum..

Sharon M (de) wrote: ohhh me encanta!!!perhabs perhabs quizas!!! jajaja

Another V (br) wrote: Avatar feels like an epic. How to define it? It's a humans vs aliens story, and in it the humans are the bad guys. It's a political statement against destroying the environment, against destroying other cultures we deem more primitive than ours, against mindlessly destroying things you don't understand, against killing the wrong tree, against careless destruction of nature, against having too much fun with and feeling too casual about war. It's a request to look at the beauty of nature with fresh eyes, to look for the little miracles.There's also a love story here. Blue alien love. :) And, cross cultural love.It's full of action, it's sci fi, romance, and adventure. Very well done, interesting blue makeup and computer graphics integration. Oh, and there's dragons, and the blue aliens ride the dragons!If you want to see what a cat-human might look like, take a look.

Aaron B (ca) wrote: Another anime with no real point.

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Patryk L (es) wrote: The best thing about Kubrick's most complicated movies is that we can analyze it in many ways. One can say it's just a vision without any meaning. For me on the contrary - the movie is pure art. It really forces the viewer to form his analysis, to choose the right direction of it. On the beginning it seems to bo a typical movie about problems in marriage, but later everything turns upside down. The night atmosphere, coloristics and usage of Jocelyn Pook's and Gyrgy Ligeti's music hit the spot, could be done only by Kubrick. It's really hard to form any short review without interpretations. The point lies in colors, symbols, movies and viewer's ability to think and looking deeper. Absolute masterpiece.

Jesse G (es) wrote: Minions is just an example of a great comedy act without a straight man. Much like the film's plot...the presence of an evil mastermind is sorely missed.

Tristan F (it) wrote: Not perfect, but I appreciate Kaufman's vision

Steve T (nl) wrote: Made it to a bit over half the movie and gave up. A very disappointing film about a great singer and writer.