A separated yet self-sufficient craftswoman puts up a friend who is also separating. The hostess has three teenage children, and the arrival of her guest will interfere with their domestic harmony, apart from slowly but surely causing a hormonal surge in one of the boys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan B (mx) wrote: This was not what I was expecting this to be at all. It's more of a man trying to be a superhero with his imagination than actually being one. It was more of a romantic comedy as well, but nothing was really that funny. There was one scene in the beginning that was really cool but the rest of the movie felt boring and dragged out. The characters felt dried up and plain. Even the main turning point in the movie happened way to late and was wrapped up way too fast and easily. I was wishing for a more guy becomes a hero movie but this wasn't that at all. If your hoping for what I wanted don't sit through it, but if you like romantic comedy with very strange characters I guess give it a try, it's not what I wanted but it had it's moments.

Jan M (nl) wrote: This movie is on my top ten list, the acting is fantastic. I have seen it twelve times and have just watched it again with my son, he was in awe of the electrifying performances by Leto and Hayek 10/10

Toms G (gb) wrote: Visually stunning and with a great main character (Josh Lucas) but the story is lack of charisma and with holes in the plot

Will D (de) wrote: Hilarious and dark an excellent mystery drama from Hungary.

Debra B (gb) wrote: I really loved this one!!!!

Blake P (jp) wrote: Sometimes, the failure of a film is the fault of the audience, not the movie itself. If one goes into the theater with a particular sort of expectation, that expectation sits and waits to be fulfilled - if it isn't, the audience member eventually decides that they simply didn't like the movie. It has nothing to do with the film, necessarily: it has to do with the thoughts and feelings in the pre-stages of viewership. Take for instance, 1959's "Some Like It Hot". The American Film Institute considers it to be the funniest movie ever made. With that knowledge, one expects a film so hilarious that they will be gasping for air even more than they did the first time they saw "Airplane". But if the end result isn't asphyxiation, the impression will not be I loved "Some Like It Hot" - it will be "What did you think of 'Some Like it Hot?'", the response coming in the form of "It was good, but not as good as 'Airplane'." Do you see where I'm going with this?? When "Joe Versus the Volcano" came out in 1990, it was a colossal failure; most thought of it as a disaster in Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's skyrocketing personas, a nail in the career coffin of rising talent John Patrick Shanley, who wrote Norman Jewison's "Moonstruck". Audiences didn't much enjoy it, "Entertainment Weekly" gave it an F, and it lost enough money to put itself in the Hall of Infamy (an awful place that I just made up). Watching "Joe Versus the Volcano" now, it's apparent that it is not a bomb, rather a movie everyone expected to be a typical Hanks/Ryan romantic comedy and got the film equivalent of your quirky neighbor down the lane. It is such a strange picture that preconceived notions really do have the power to ruin one's judgment - imagine paying to see something cute and ending up with a Jean-Luc Godard directed, existential art fantasy scripted by Nora Ephron. But as it ages, slowly completing the design of its silver lining as a cult film, "Joe Versus the Volcano" comes closer to reaching the two most powerful words in the history of movie critiquing: hidden - gasp - gem. (Those may not be the most powerful but they sure do make a movie sound marvelous.) Joe Banks (Tom Hanks) is so depressed that he may as well star as the before picture in a depression medication ad. An ex-firefighter who has since stepped down into the confines of a soul-sucking office cubicle job, Joe is convinced that the fluorescent lights hanging above him are making him sick and that there is something seriously wrong with his well-being. He goes to the doctor (Robert Stack) and sure enough - he is diagnosed with a "brain cloud", a terminal condition that is rapidly spreading throughout his head. He is given six months to live. Where most would react in a functional Susan Hayward freakout, Joe looks at the prognosis as a new, if extremely temporary, chapter in his life. He quits his job, takes his office crush, DeDe (Meg Ryan) out to dinner, and starts to think for himself. Not long after is he approached by a millionaire, Samuel Graynamore (Lloyd Bridges), who offers a deal. He owns a small island, known as Waponi Woo, and its natives are facing a crisis. According to legend, a sacrifice must be made every 100 years to the island's central volcano - if not, it will explode, destroying everything in sight. Graynamore, a thinker, figures that Joe would be an ideal sacrifice (what does he have to lose?), offering him unlimited wealth in exchange for a literally life changing jump. Joe agrees without skipping a beat, developing relationships with Graynamore's daughters, Angelica and Patricia (both portrayed by Ryan), along the way. "Joe Versus the Volcano" is the eccentric you didn't play with during your childhood years, sitting in the corner of the room and zoning out to the pitter-patters of their imagination. With its "Dick Tracy" meets Pedro Almodvar set design and baroque scenes of dialogue, there is nothing like it and there probably never will be. It is a romantic comedy, but not of the "Sleepless in Seattle" caliber. It is almost a fantasy, landing in a bizarre world in which every love interest is played by Ryan (in assorted wigs) and remote islands are inhabited by exotic Jews that only drink orange soda. Most importantly, though, it details characters that feel real (despite the reverie that stalks the camera); Hanks isn't his usual charismatic self, instead a guy whose social skills are just creaky enough to render him as nicely quirky as he is love-sick. All three of Ryan's portrayals offer something vital and zany to the film; the screenplay, and Hanks, are added flavors that mix in attractively to Ryan's dominance. "Joe Versus the Volcano" is goofy, sure, but it breathes crisp, new air while the other romantic comedies of the 1990s sat around and idled insignificantly.

Martin T (jp) wrote: Hara is absolutely marvelous, but the film itself is great too. The techniques are clearly influenced by Eisenstein and Dovzhenko, in fact the whole thing closely resembles a Soviet propagnda film, in style and content. Indeed, it also carries that same bluntness, which is its greatest drawback. It could also be said that Kurosawa doesn't capture women particularly well (this was his ONLY movie with a female protagonist), but I guess not everyone can have Mizoguchi's talent in that area.

Aiden S (us) wrote: this is the whitest movie I have ever seen

Maxwell P (kr) wrote: Great movie that everyone should see.

Aj V (jp) wrote: Not a great movie, but most of the story is pretty interesting, and some of the scenes are really exciting. What I hated about this movie was how long it was, and slow too. Overall pretty good, but it could be better.

Yuri B (us) wrote: David Alan Grier was hilarious... simply hilarious.