Soft for Digging

Soft for Digging

A man wanders into the woods in search of his cat and witnesses a murder

A man wanders into the woods in search of his cat and witnesses a murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (ru) wrote: Surreal, fast-paced, gory, funny with great characters - It's what I wish Tarantino would go back to making. The low-budget only made it more creative. See it for yourself!

Don S (ca) wrote: An offbeat indie drama about facing your fears and gaining a life (and happiness) as a result. The journey is excruciatingly slow, but you get enough glimpses of the progress to make it worth your time. Jessica Alba is superb here. Her role downplays her outer beauty and digs deep for the character's inner beauty. Subtle yet hard-hitting and heart-wrenching all at once.

Machawndie M (nl) wrote: my girl gabrielle played her role on here

Jinesh C (au) wrote: Hmmmmm great brillant a million times. Buts its a [email protected] tamil movie.......I simply can't stand them anymore.......I'm HATIN' as usual when it comes to this. LMAO

Brian V (de) wrote: An awesome giant killer insect movie. Great for action and the comedy value. I'd say you can learn a thing or two for what to do if giant mosquitos ever do attack people.

Alex S (jp) wrote: painful to watch! This completely ruined the series! Why make a second? Why make a 3rd? But making a 4th is psychotic

Peter D (br) wrote: A really funny, cute chick flick guys would enjoy (even be envious). Loved it!!

Curtis M (it) wrote: Battling Butler focuses less on the thrills you would expect to find in a Keaton film, and more on the character Buster plays. There is, of course, plenty of comic material available here, and the film does not disappoint. The ??training?? scenes are probably the funniest moments in the film, but the film is most exciting at its climax (which is probably an obvious statement.) What really sets Battling Butler apart from Keaton??s other work (and silent films in general) is that the girl has a refreshing amount of developed personality. That??s not to say anything against Keaton??s other films or leading ladies, but it??s nice to see in this film. Battling Butler isn??t as well known as most of Buster??s other independent features, but it??s well worth a watch.

Bill T (de) wrote: I had great reservations seeing this, as I loved the Aardman shorts so much with Wallace and Gromit. And anything without them, AND starring Mel Gibson, seemed like sacriledge.And you know what? I was right. I mean this movie is okay, it certainly is amusing, and the story about some chickens trying to get away from a chicken farm has lots of originality to it. I don't know, I guess I'm just spoiled.

Margarita S (mx) wrote: There's something to be said for Stallone's comedic timing. His exhibition match against Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) is pretty funny. What I was most surprised by though is how well Stallone has developed the Rocky-Adrian love story by the third movie. He's written something believable and the dialogue is memorable not only for its sweetness and humour, but also for the mutual respect between them, even in moments of pushback.

Peter A (fr) wrote: Loved this movie. If you like racing, it's a must see.