Convicts return to life of crime after release from prison.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   party,   drugs,  

Convicts return to life of crime after release from prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (au) wrote: Ron Silver! So sad he's no longer with us. The biggest problem (and it may be an unfortunately modern one) is that when I hear the banging, it doesn't sound real to me. It sound like a recording. It doesn't sound like it could possibly come from the room. Rather, it almost sounds like part of the score. That makes it difficult for me to believe there's anything really there, & hence, takes away the scariness factor.I'm not sure it realizes its full potential, but it is still a very watchable movie.

JAMES C (ca) wrote: Interesting take on the preparation for the trial of the nut-bucket Phil Spector. Al Pacino, once again is perfection, and Helen Mirren is equally spot on as the hot shot lawyer who defends him. David Mamet wrote and directed this HBO film. Fascinating study.

MF J (br) wrote: The new Brian DePalma was awaited by his fan like the messiah. The film delivers some great moments as always with this master of suspense but fails to truly convince an audience that might feel a little lost in this intricated story of an aspiring actress being found murdered in horrible conditions. the cast is great, th mood is right so forget the logic and enjoy the cinematography. DePalma proves he still holds some great punch.

Blair W (jp) wrote: There were a couple of good parts in this movie. Pierce Brosnan's character was great but the story line had some big holes and deteriorated as the movie went along. And what the heck happened at the end??

Keenan S (br) wrote: Tokyo Godfathers is a surprising, inventive, heartfelt, and quirky Christmas drama about three oddball homeless characters trying to find the parents of an abandoned baby. The premise itself is simple on paper. but the film turns out to be one crazy ride of emotion, humor, redemption, chase scenes, and a whole lot more. One thing that makes this film so special is that it feels so unpredictable and you never know what's going to happen next, though I shouldn't be surprised by this since it was directed by the same director of films like Millennium Actress and Paprika (Both of which are also really awesome). While some might bash this film for not being like the typical fantasy or sci-fi anime, those people are missing out and it sucks to be them since they can't appreciate something outside of their confined boxes. While I feel cheesy for saying this, Tokyo Godfathers is a truly magical drama that even had me choked up at some parts and laughing constantly throughout. If you are someone who enjoys seeing films outside the box, you must see this superb drama.

James R (fr) wrote: Caught this on TV and is a bit of a non-film really. I'm not a huge fan of 1950's love story esque films and this one is all signposted to buggery from the beginning. Lots of overstatement, wistful looking into the distance and shouting at each other in very clipped voices. Alsoe Jose Ferrer sounds EXACTLY like Elliott Gould (Ross' Dad in friends) - very disturbing. Found Rita Hayworth quite irritating after a while and shan't be rushing out to buy it anytime soon. It was however, nice to watch a film that is less than two hours long, modern films just don't have that level of brevity, brevity which in this case was particularly welcome. Go to Australia with your boyfriend, go back to San Francisco to face the music? We don't care, pick one and just feck off Miss Sadie Thompson.

Carlos M (au) wrote: With awful performances and ludicrous dialogue, this atrocious movie has a lot of heart but sadly no brains, and so it is repetitious, full of nonsensical stock footage and unintentionally surrealistic without making much sense as a narrative whatsoever.

3guys 1 (au) wrote: Our recent trip to see The Artist got me nostalgic for some classic cinema so I decided to sit down with one of my favorites, After the Thin Man. The second movie in the the Thin Man series based on the book by Dashiell Hammett. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, it was very popular in the 1930's and they eventually made six films in all. It featured Willam Powell as Nick Charles, a retired detective from New York who has settled into a life of leisure after marrying a wealthy heiress named Nora (Myrna Loy). Despite being retired Nick finds himself being dragged into various investigations. In After the Thin Man, Nick and Nora have just returned from New York to their home in San Francisco. As soon as they arrive they are asked to attend a dinner party at Nora's aunts house. While at the party, Nick finds out that they were asked there to look into the whereabouts of Nora's cousins husband (Robert). He has been missing for several days and Nora's cousin (Selma) thinks he might be out having an affair. Nick and Nora locate Robert and soon discover that he is up to no good. Robert is having an affair with a night club singer and is planning to extort money from David, a wealthy business man who has always loved Selma, and would love to have Robert out of the way. Robert promises to move away and leave Selma to David if he pays him $25,000. Robert has pushed his luck a little too far though and he winds up on the wrong side of dead. Now, Selma is the number 1 suspect and Nick and Nora have to find out who the real killer was. The plot sounds a little bit more convoluted than it really is. The movie plays out like a pretty typical who dunnit right down to the final scene where all the murder suspects are brought together in the same room so the killer can be revealed. What made this movie and all the Thin Man movies great was the chemistry between the two leads. William Powell and Myrna Loy play off each other so well that many people assumed they were married in real life. The thin man concept has been duplicated many times on TV. Show's like Hart to Hart, Remington Steele, and Moonlighting all tried to play off a similar theme. There are a couple of other things worth checking out in this one as well. Jimmy Stewart is in the movie in one of his very early roles. Also, check out Asta the Charles family dog. You should be able to see where the idea for the dog in the artist came from. If you have never seen any of these films I recommend checking out the original The Thin Man first and then trying out some of sequels but, After the Thin Man definitely stand out on its own as true classic.

Vincent T (nl) wrote: Bon film d'action de qualite signe Richard Donner avec un Banderas jeune completement dejante et un Stallone en pleine forme.

Huynh T (ca) wrote: The single shot sequences are true single shots [as opposed to being composites of multiple shots]. That's an amazing accomplishment -- and it's immensely effective. The single shot sequences capture the tension and urgency of the scene in a way that multiple shots could not. Take the ambush scene and the chase scene as examples where the audience is captivated from start to finish. If those sequences cut to various camera angles, the audience wouldn't feel the sense of urgency as greatly. In a single shot, your breathing tenses until the shot is over. One long single shot like the ones in the scenes mentioned commands not just attention, but tension too.