Sökarna - Återkomsten

Sökarna - Återkomsten


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   police,   priest,  

Straight to video sequel to sokarna . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sökarna - Återkomsten torrent reviews

Joao F (kr) wrote: Its a romantic movie, made with the sweetness and music of the 50s. It might not be awesome to some but something got to me.

Stanislav P (it) wrote: zas moc mlade decka, to je asik hit tohto roka 2012 ale tak berem to ze to ma byt parodia ako svina a preto si to aj pozriem

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paul t (mx) wrote: see it once but dont really remember it but a gud film i guess from wot i do remember x

Nuno S (kr) wrote: Liked this one, definitely a step above the usual mech movies bullshit.

Emily L (kr) wrote: I cannot stand this movie.

Eugene B (ca) wrote: Beetlejuice is peculiar yet fascinating. The film's infectious laughter, obscure thrills and sensational performance from Michael Keaton upholds to this day; making this bizarre piece of entertainment one of Tim Burton's best, if not, the best directorial effort. 4.5/5

Scott R (it) wrote: A different take on the OK corral.

Frances G (mx) wrote: Dorothy Malone is fabulous in this film - especially her hair. She also does a parachute jump from a plane flown by Robert Stack and is wearing high heels. Love it. Not Sirk's best film, but lots of camp, lots of Rock Hudson with a pouty face and, as usual, a seering critique of mid-America. This time in the Depression.

bill s (br) wrote: Starts out like this might be special then levels into generic action thriller fare

Jay M (it) wrote: This film is sure to please action film fans; it has all the things: that a martial art, thriller, film, fan would want & added in with it is an all star cast & some decent humor that made the film entertaining, for many viewers. Predictable yes (entertaining none the less) but most films like this are; all the clichs like the bad guys taking control of the show early on to the good guy dismantling them single handily: for half the movie. A damsel in distress must be rescued; the leader of the good guys: & the head honcho of the bad guys have the climax showdown. The good guy saves the day no less.~I give this martial arts thriller film a B +.

Haneef A (kr) wrote: Warcraft: The Beginning is a high fantasy movie based on the Warcraft games series by Blizzard; directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code).Watch this if you like: Warcraft 1-3 (RTS game series), Hellboy II, Once Upon A Time, The Hobbit movie seriesGrade: B (The movie critics have been very harsh with this movie; which I think is a bit unfair. A movie with excellent special effects and action but with a convoluted plot and only adequate acting.)This movie is based primarily on the 1st Warcraft game; when the Human race first encountered the Orc race.A race of brutish, feral and large humanoids called Orcs, led by the evil Orcish warlock Guldan (Daniel Wu) is opening a portal from their dying world (Draenor) to the Human world of Azeroth, mainly the Kingdom of Stormwind.The story follows the conflict that ensues between both sides, with key players such as the Stormwind King, Llane (Dominic Cooper), Stormwind Army Commander and King Llane's brother-in-law Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), and the Guardian Mage Medivh (Ben Foster) from the Human side; and Guldan, Durotan (Toby Kebbell) and Garona (Paula Patton) from the Orcish Horde.PROS: The visual effects of this movie is astounding. The Orcish characters are fully-rendered by motion capture performance (like Gollum in LOTR), yet the facial expressions of the Orcs are incredible, and you truly believe the strength and large physique of the Orcs when they are fighting with the Humans. The effects of magical abilities in this movie is the best I have seen in a movie, even better than the Harry Potter series, with intricate runes and flashy dazzle.The fantasy world of Azeroth is well-realized, with majestic Human cities/Wizard strongholds looking appropriately magnificent and wondrous, and the griffons look natural and organic.Toby Kebbell as Durotan the Frostwolf Clan chief is the standout performance here, the character that you will most emphatize with. Durotan doesn't believe in the Orc's violent ways and want to seek peace with the Humans, and protecting his family and clan.Garona who started as a slave to the Orcs but saved by the Humans also has an interesting arc in the story.CONS:Other than Durotan and Garona, the other characters' acting are at best, adequate. The movie don't have strong characterizations such as the Lord of the Rings' characters, for example.The movie's plot initially starts strongly, but as it progresses it becomes a bit convoluted, with too many characters and places to keep track. For non-Warcraft fans, this might be slightly overwhelming.The movie's ending is a bit lacklustre. Some of the plotlines remained unresolved; which clearly indicates a sequel in the future for the resolution, which makes the ending seems a bit unfinished.