A group of students are sent to a faraway planet to participate in an annual competition between schools. Unfortunately, once there they discover that things have gone awry. Most of them don't survive the transport, and those that do find themselves stranded on a hostile alien world.

Far into the future a group of young adults are stranded on a hostile alien planet with no hope of getting home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sol torrent reviews

Ellie D (br) wrote: I actually liked this one. It had some bigger named actors, so the acting was pretty good. There were some shots I thought were pretty cool, and the ending is sort of messed up.

Shayna B (fr) wrote: Just a great movie for everyone. Crime, fight scenes, romance, and comedy. And Tim Allen makes a surprisingly good badass.

Megan L (au) wrote: An intriguing story, not my favorite Bergman film, but a really strong start to the trilogy.

Dax S (au) wrote: Just a bad movie, weird and made no sense and pretty stupid.

Rolando U (gb) wrote: Excellent, focused in the historical facts, not in weird fanatic fantasies.

John R (kr) wrote: January 2010March 2017