A psychic doctor, John Clancy, works with an FBI special agent in search of a serial killer. After having lived in isolation for two years, since the death of his daughter, Clancy is asked by his friend Joe, an FBI special agent to help him solve several murders committed by a serial killer.

Solace follows FBI special agent Joe Merriweather and John Clancy, a retired police doctor who happens to have psychic powers, including the ability to see into the future, team up with each other to hunt down a serial killer who also has greater psychic powers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rex A (mx) wrote: A solid science feature that's more profound than it looks. DiCaprio is entertaining as a narrator and the images are stunning, but it also offers a look at why we so love to push our spacial bounds. A lovely portrait of humanity on a colossal scale.

Abbas H (fr) wrote: Someone tell me what this movie was about? Enjoyable, free-wheeling,hints at the effects of war in beirut, and subtle in its message.

Pavan R (es) wrote: Average movie of a heist

Shannon J (de) wrote: The sad part about this movie is that it is very close to the truth with respect to government activity over the use of Canada's water.

Rob O (it) wrote: Disturbing, odd, surreal...

Gary P (ag) wrote: A great nostalgic film, well acted from the child actors. Still holds up

Aria B (de) wrote: This is my favorite movie EVER.

Mary R (it) wrote: Oh yeah this looks like oscar material.

Craig W (kr) wrote: I concur entirely with Miss Gory. The lack of recognition for Mr Walker's work is nothing short of shameful as well as deeply sad. Produced in that particular period when the British film industry was entering its definitive death rattle, House of Whipcord sees Pete Walker employing the outlook and techniques of the most subversive US exploitation auteur and the result is both astutely relevant to its time and amazingly fresh even today. Encompassing themes of puritan morality and draconian punishment, this film wryly reflects the rise of reactionary political power which was beginning to seize Britain before its eventual apex in the guise of Thatcherism. The fact that several of Walker's films were later blacklisted in the infamous video nasty bill a few years later was a delicous irony which I'm sure was hugely appreciated by the man himself.With a stark and bleak tone, some stunning photography, and a gallery of engaging performances (not least the inimitable Sheila Keith's glowering guard), House of Whipcord stands as both a genre milestone and a remarkably adept piece of filmmaking by any concievable standard.

Dhruv G (es) wrote: This movie like.. Sucks even worse than SOM. Really.

Bill T (gb) wrote: Fun little movie isn't going to change the world, but it's cute. Ronald Coleman stars as a bookbody wanting to one up the soap company he recently applied for a job to. So he appears on the quiz program sponsored by the soap company and proceeds to get every question right, much to their chagrin. The best part of this is Vincent Price, way past his usual realm of horror, as the soap company kingpin. Pretty surreal, but not the best thing you'll see.

John B (au) wrote: I felt as if Derek's process of moving away from hate was oversimplified and could have been developed more. That being said, this is an insanely engaging and brutally honest take on race relations -- the most 2016 movie of the 20th century.

JeanBaptiste F (it) wrote: des rpliques cultes... a voir pour sur. j'avais compltement oublie ce film mais un brillant Dupontel trash et insens!

Darrin C (us) wrote: Holy shit, this movie should've been called "Boring Them Slowly"! However, it did earn a whole star for Brad's speech at the end.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: A cute, entertaining yet forgettable animation with too many clichs and whose charm lies in its exuberant visuals and an exotic (but clichd) composition of a Rio de Janeiro full of samba and colors. It is only sad, though, that the story is so conventional and never more than ordinary.