Soldados de plomo

Soldados de plomo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Soldados de plomo torrent reviews

Manuel M (ca) wrote: Een subtiele, genuanceerde reflectie over de kracht van geloof die je vertwijfeld achterlaat. Brit Marling staat stilaan (na het even mooie Another earth) op mijn lijstje favoriete actrices van de laatste jaren

Richie W (nl) wrote: A tough cookie, but a great film about violence and the question what is the 'right' thing to do when faced by it.

Eric B (ag) wrote: funny and silly B movie!

Camille L (ag) wrote: This one gonna be depressing but, I'll see it with a box of tissues.

Barry D (nl) wrote: not worth seeing, I would rather jump off a bridge into a pit of dull rusty spikes and live until I die from hunger

Leonard D (jp) wrote: I must confess, that I laughed my head off when this movie was first watched about a decade ago! But now, I could never watch it ever again! What could make this worse? Charlie ,#[email protected]^% Sheen is in the film! No no no, he's still got it in him! For real, he can still make us laugh, seriously! He's hilarious, HE'S STILL FUNNY, HE'S WONDERFUL!! Yep, you just keep on talking. As for the rest of the movie? This can just die in the lake of fire where it belongs!

Marissa E (fr) wrote: I own this movie! It is really good!

Anonymous W (it) wrote: Now this is what you call Drama, and it's real... So Scandalous yet Interesting!

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Jean Rollins' Killing Car is alot better than other reviews would lead you to believe, with a revenge plot, a sexy killer, and a huge body count, what else do you want. A woman walks into a used car dealership and shoots the owner to take one of his cars and then rapidly hunts down the rest of her targets in the car. Extremely weak plot, but the never ending wave of death and destruction make up for this, I'm not the biggest Rollins' fan but I did enjoy this film.

Ennis Brokeback L (ag) wrote: A low budget cheese fest staring Michael Moriarty, David Caradine, and Richard Roundtree. Michael Moriarty steals the show but it is nothing but a great time seeing these three actors work together.

Zoe L (ca) wrote: My problem with the film, while although the pace was fairly good, I wan't super connected to Richard Widmark's character. I think Kazan's strengths are his strong attention to the developing character and I didn't see enough of an arc with any of the major characters. I was very surprised with the lack of focus, but I can see the building confidence that ultimately came with On the Waterfront four years later.

Greg W (it) wrote: amazing chaney performance-again!

neil L (ca) wrote: Amistad is a well made slavery film that traces some important history. Still, I found it kind of dry and tedious, but that's just because its not my style

Russ B (jp) wrote: 11/15/2015: Meh. It was just ok. Not near as good as the new Bind films with Craig.