• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:army,  

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Samuel F (ru) wrote: This movie is so historically inaccurate that it hurts. Shanghai was overtaken by the Japanese in 1937 adds insult to injury when it downplays the brutality of the Japanese in Nanjing.

Ole J (fr) wrote: Martin Strel is a big guy in many ways, his body is a bit big, he find big places to swim or should I say long distances, swimming the Mississippi or the Yangzte is properbly not a very easy task and his latest quest witch is portraid in this movie (to swim the Amazon river).Its a bit odd documentary, but its fun and Martin is a loveable guy.

Francisco S (de) wrote: Atractive for childreen, but predictable and boring for the other people.

Pauline R (kr) wrote: After having read the book, the characters were just not right and the film just goes to quickly, jumping from one event to another. It was a let down and I feel that Stephen King was done no justice hear.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Stupid. Just stupid. While a then unknown Owen Wilson stood out as...well being Owen Wilson, J-Lo and the rest of the cast blew it and the premise borders on stupidity

roger t (de) wrote: monsieur h. is a wonderful film. the most striking elements were michel blanc's and ms. bonnaire's me there was nothing wasted here, every scene seemed to be important, which i love, plus the obvious hitchcock references and a great ending. merci monsieur leconte...

capt save a hoe (us) wrote: love love LOVED this film! one of my favorite natalie wood movies!!

Lee M (ru) wrote: Between a 7/10 and 8/10,part painting, part tango, the picture is meticulous depravity and rapture executed with a dazzling, unprecedented use of bright colors and deep shadows where the plot becomes secondary to spectacle of the dreamy dance of death, choreographed with sadistic precision. An atmospheric ancestor to the modern day slasher flick.

Hugo G (kr) wrote: 6.4/10This was a very strange movie, but with incredibly real and authentic performances that make it feel as raw as possible which is rear and really amazing that they were able to do it. However, it was to me very hard to us rests do the characters and a little boring at time be Ashe it was frustrating and nonsensical, but still Arielle Holmes does an outstanding performance in a breakout role. ~January 8, 2016~

Andrea L (ca) wrote: This movie had, hands down, the best special effects I have ever seen in an action movie. While the chances of every one important surviving 100 feet tsunamis, and 9.5 earthquakes, while extras are killed by falling plaster, is pretty impossible, at least it's not as impossible as driving a limo between a collapsing freeway and collapsing buildings, then through a skyscraper, while the earth is giving way behind you, (we're all looking at you, 2012). A complex plot or a good script were nonexistent, but disaster movie clichs were aplenty. Also Dwayne The Rock Johnson was very charismatic, had the physical abilities of Superman, and made some HILARIOUSLY CHEESY one liners. His movie daughter, Blake has the physical attributes of Wonder Woman, looks 29, and for whatever reason knew more than most first-responders about how to survive in a natural disaster of any kind, despite only supposedly being 19. The cast was great, the dialogue awful, and the effects outstanding. This movie also taught me a key CPR tip: Even if the person's brain has been deprived of Oxygen for 20 minutes, you can still revive them by stubbornly performing mouth to mouth, yelling, "I'm not going to lose you too", and the victim will suffer no mental or physical damage, whatsoever. If you're looking for a natural disaster thriller with more CGI than spirit, San Andreas is for you.

Shmuel R (br) wrote: liked it, didn't exactly love it. Hated the fact she lied about what actually happened. I loved seeing the characters i hate the most die. Mediocre job