Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue

After a cavalry group is massacred by the Cheyenne, only two survivors remain: Honus, a naive private devoted to his duty, and Cresta, a young woman who had lived with the Cheyenne two years and whose sympathies lie more with them than with the US government. Together, they must try to reach the cavalry's main base camp. As they travel onward, Honus is torn between his growing affection for Cresta.

While crossing Cheyenne territory en route to Fort Reunion, a group of cavalry officers is brutally attacked by Indians. The two survivors then must try to reach the cavalry's main base camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared B (au) wrote: This franchise has ran out of fresh ideas and scares. Please stop.

Greg W (mx) wrote: ok family drama about a family's struggles

Dave R (jp) wrote: Well it wasn't to funny as they said it was it was about writer's that's they tried to make it funny but it had it's humor of it's own kind I guess

Brian S (de) wrote: Late Fee seems to be an homage to horror anthologies like Tales from the Crypt and Tales of Terror. It never takes itself too serious, consciously playing up the camp at every opportunity. That works well enough for the wrapper story and the first video watched by the couple in it, "The Pick Up." It doesn't work out so well for the second movie-in-a-movie, "Damnation," the subject matter of which is just a little too nasty and inhumane to make a good subject for the humor that otherwise keeps Late Fee fun to watch.Late fee's low-budget rough edges show, but it's not too much of a problem since the film wears them like badges in its self-referent consciousness. The people who made this flick know their audience and give them a good-natured ribbing in the wrapper story in which a couple of gorehounds in search of the ultimate horror flick rush wind up crossing a demonic video store clerk on Halloween night. The clerk makes the film's attitude explicit; he breaks the fourth wall, nodding, smiling and winking at the camera as he does his best to overact. The first of the two videos the couple rents, and which we watch with them, is "The Pick Up," a story about a beautiful woman who is a disguised bloody, tentacled demon who advertises her services as a prostitute on the web. She takes her client, a would-be killer, to a cheap motel whose manager is in on her game and plays along for reasons never explained. This story does a good job of combining blood and laughs, particularly when the camera pans over the remaining upper body of a victim as the demoness sings "Half a Man" from the bathroom. The malevolent glee will appeal to horror-lovers even if the story itself has a few big holes in it.The second video we watch with the wisecracking couple is "Damnation," which involves torture, humiliation and the making of a snuff film. There are numerous attempts at humor here, too, but the overall cruelty on which the story centers condemns them to fail. It's far too nasty, and the jokes play out as heaping insult on literal injury. "Damnation" just doesn't work; rape and sexual torture just don't make for humorous situations, particularly when the victim is an innocent. "The Pick Up" gives us an out because the victim is completely unsympathetic; he's getting what he deserves. The kidnapped wife and mother in "Damnation" is simply a victim and the assertion that "everyone is guilty of something" isn't enough to make her otherwise.If you like Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside, you might well find enough to like in Late Fee to watch it all the way through and appreciate its efforts to poke a bit of fun at grindhouse horror culture. If you're not part of that world, though, knock a full star off this one and stop watching after "The Pick Up," then fast forward through "Damnation: to get to the film's rather silly conclusion. Whether or not you're part of the subculture that Late Fee makes fun of, though, it isn't going to wind up on anybody's "must see" list.

Angelica G (ca) wrote: This is probably one of my favorite films of all time. Well cast, wonderfully adapted from the manga and visually stunning.

Kelly E (fr) wrote: Really have to be in the mood for nature films to watch this.

Keegan K (gb) wrote: I finally saw this classic movie! While some Adam Sandler movies can fall flat, this one actually had some funny humor and I enjoyed it. It's about Adam meeting this girl who had been in an accident and she only has her long-term memory, not her short-term memory. So he has to be creative and get her to remember him every single day. The whole concept of getting her to remember him got a little tiring, but again, it was a fun movie with plenty of laughs and a fun cast.

Charles P (br) wrote: Bad sound, quippy, and rewarding if you stick with it.

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: Great Movie I loved it!

Emily B (br) wrote: I Grew up watching this.

Nina S (au) wrote: No offense to Eddie Murphy... but Rex is just so Dolittle, and Anthony and Samantha and Godfrey... classic.

Manny C (it) wrote: A rarity in the Robert Mitchum canon, as he plays something of a victim to (of all people) Jean Simmons. Excellently told story.

Luke T (ag) wrote: Danny Boyle now proved that he could direct any genre in cinema with this horror film, which I have to admit was a lot better than what I thought it was going to be like.Cillian Murphy gives a very good performance as a survivor unaffected by a plague that has turned the country into blood-crazed zombies, and he will do everything he can in order to survive. However I would consider it to be more of a psychological thriller because there was not one moment that make me jump.However you can still understand what is happening, because the script, despite having a lot of horrible and offensive language, is very well written, and the direction from Boyle is very solid, because the atmosphere is very tense from the start to the finish.Also you can tell when people have been infected by the mysterious outbreak, and this is I think the main reason why the film works well, and was successful when it was first released.There is not as much gore on screen as I thought there was going to be, so overall this is one very decent thriller from Boyle, who would now direct any genre to a good standard, but due to the amount of bad language, it is not a film that I would view again.

Brett S (au) wrote: Jackie Brown makes up for its slow pacing with stellar performances, knockout crime thrills, and witty pop culture that Tarantino diehards have come to expect

Clifton D (jp) wrote: A film that solidly road the coattails of the Pixar brand's long string of successes with no merit of its own; it dupes the audience with a tearjerker opening to get them hooked, then proceeds to stuff itself with cringe-worthy characters and plods on with an uninteresting story. The protagonist himself is literally the only marginally good part in an otherwise annoying film.

Brody M (nl) wrote: Alright but not as good as I thought it was gonna be