Soldier's Girl

Soldier's Girl

The true story of Soldier’s Girl, which takes place in Fort Campbell, KY, tells the heart-wrenching story of the life and tragic death of soldier Barry Winchell. His love for Calpernia Addams, a beautiful transgendered nightclub performer was misunderstood by fellow soldiers and eventually leads to his brutal death.

The true story of the price a young soldier paid for falling in love with a transsexual night-club performer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (jp) wrote: Sensuous beauty trapped within immoral hideousness.

Amanda L (au) wrote: strange film, not a great ending.

Wayne I (us) wrote: Very good, makes me appreciate the fact that I'm an Ausy

Michael T (it) wrote: I'm not sure who creeped me out more documenter Nick Broomfield or serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Disturbing.

Sherry M (us) wrote: Am I missing something? Why did everyone LOVE this movie (critics anyway)? O.K., it was different - and pretty. But the story!? Chinese Jedi. The flying bothered me. Is the movie mystical, mystical, or real?

Dave F (gb) wrote: A very emotional, enjoyable, and well written story. Denzel Washington does an admirable job in his directorial debut. Well acted by the entire cast. Worth seeing.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: A decent little film that is just as the title says; a death race. Somehow Joan Allen lended her talents to the screen so there is some credibility to be had here.The movie is about cons who have a chance for survival with the ultimate race...A violent race that puts the drivers against each other with the last one standing the winner.There are some good driving scenes and Statham yet again is a bad ass behind the wheel.It's very violent but good popcorn fun.

Lilac L (it) wrote: Each frame creates a beautiful picture. The colors and the contrasts are mesmerizing and the music is perfect. One of those flawless movies....

Scott Don J (kr) wrote: Good film...Keaton is awesome as the villian

Wrik S (gb) wrote: The crappier the better- nothing but stupid skin flick and no substance at all

Cindysue H (mx) wrote: Love the fact #ChristianKane is playing in this movie, but have to be honnest, it's a bad remake of the French Taxi movie...But still love it that Christian Kane has a role in this movie

Grant K (au) wrote: Decent acting from Statham and Basinger are bogged down by one of the dumbest premises of all time and a completely off-putting Evans.

Greg W (au) wrote: gets a half star 4 the extra 8 minutes in this version

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