Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

This story is loosely based on the discovery of the B-24 "Liberator" bomber the "Lady Be Good" that was found in the Libyan desert after the crew got lost on their 1st bombing mission to Italy

When a bomber believed to have crashed in the ocean 17 years ago is found in the Libyan desert. A Colonel and Major accompany the only surviving member of the crew, who is now a General to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William P (it) wrote: NOt bad!! Pierce is gOOd at these & 007 mOvies!!

Ian R (ag) wrote: Very dark character study of a damaged person that is painful to watch at times and doesn't exactly provide any catharsis or character growth. But it does paint a vivid picture of one sad, sad man and his world.

AiR S (au) wrote: Another reason why blind ambition and lack of investigative work leads to unsatisfying result. Story is a mixture of naive, one minded and superficial storyline with brutal and horrific scenes of rape, murder and just can spark a bigger hatred toward Serbians (due to revolting portrayal of some sort of fictional Serbian army), and revolt of every person that endured this war as a victims of Muslims, Croatians , Serbians and Americans involved in brutalities depicted in this movie (that are happening all over the world especially in war like situations) as they know that making false stories about the sole guilt of one side is just a salt on the wounds of victims. Justice here will never be satisfied, but new injustice of propaganda storyboards are doing this part of the world even more harm!

Elena S (ru) wrote: children movie, not bad . kinda funny

Bloodmarsh K (nl) wrote: Candyman and Wishmaster chase down real life serial killer Richard Speck. ''Chicago Massacre'' looks like something that was thrown together in about two days. It's Speck's prison life that deserves a 90 minute movie.

Rob R (us) wrote: Ooh so good! What a great zombie flick. Action, suspense, mystery, rotting intestines pulled from within. I loved everything about this movie but the ending. Watch it

James c (ru) wrote: I would have given it 5 stars if Sigourney kissed Winona when they first met you know the bit when they looked deeply into each others eyes it was well hot

M M (kr) wrote: sea, light, salt, waves, hums - loss and rebirth (this is what this film is about)

Tim M (us) wrote: The director of The Empire Strikes Back takes on another sci-fi sequel. Murph is back and he is stalking his wife. They tell him not to do that, and that he is a machine. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" A crazy lady puts a criminal's brain in a next-gen Robocop, it's up to the original to put a stop to a rampage. The obsolete model battles the new model and wins. Terminator 2 did it better. This is good for laughs though. Those terrible effects! Stop-motion nostalgia. The last line is unbelievable.

Raul V (es) wrote: One of my favorite anthologies from when I was a kid. Not for the Squamish, very violent but very fun

Christopher L (br) wrote: I adored the film not for its horror, which is ample, but for its ingenious story and the seemingly boundless imagination of its creator.

(it) wrote: It was funny and good enough to be a nice acting comedy.

BF E (fr) wrote: After watching Julie and Julia I tracked this down to see another foodie movie involving Nora Ephron and Meryl Streep. Food is inconsequential here; its romantic comedy with Streep and a miscast Nicholson, who is credible as a cheater, but not believable as a man who willingly chooses to marry in the first place.

Priyu K (ag) wrote: a great movie revealing the day to day lives of several innocent children including an adventurous little toddler whose mother tries to get him to climb the stairs by having him follow a baguette.

Andr D (us) wrote: j'aime assez bien c'est vraiment decale avec aujourd'hui mais tellement proche, un "clint " meconnu

brian m (us) wrote: This movie confuses watchers by rapidly changing from fighting on the island of Iwo Jima to the bond selling campaign. The movie was limited in content simply because the movie focused on the selling of war bonds and what happened to the soldiers that raised the flag, and who lied to save their own lives from the war.while the movie neglects the actual fighting the occurred on the island.

Mr C (us) wrote: Is it cliche ridden? Hell yeah. However, is it a bad film overall? Hell no.

Eric H (fr) wrote: diane lane...enough said