Sole Survivor

A lone survivor of a plane crash is haunted by a feeling unworthy of survival. Dead people start coming after her to collect her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 85 minutes
  • Release: 1983
  • Language: English
  • IMDB link: Sole Survivor
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Dead people start coming after her to collect her. A lone survivor of a plane crash is haunted by a feeling unworthy of survival

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Users reviews

Abel D (ag)

Good production values and a charismatic cast are undermined by pedestrian direction and a very odd soundtrack that feels very anachronistic to the period with synth and teenish tunes. Perhaps a little blaisse, American Outlaws still makes for an enjoyable, if basic, Western ride

Alexander K (ca)

in is awesome!. . classic movie

Charlie R (de)

I want to see, obviously

Connor G (es)

The interactions and character work were incredible, and far better than before. Compared to the first two, this is far superior

Dave K (ag)

ll this aside though the film really keeps you gripped to your seat due to the fact there's so much emotion and the characters you see on screen are constantly in peril A good film with a great story 8/10. The film is rather predictable but none the less very entertaining however the film does have some very un-nerving moments that are really stomach churning such as rape scenes, drugs and prostitution but the most horrific is the pedophilia. A very hard hitting film that blew me away with it's gritty and quiet disturbing storyline in which a prostitute called kelly pulls a homeless 11 year old girl into her world of prostitution

dojo k (fr)

ovo je jedan od najlepshih filmova koji sam pogledala u poslednje, jednostavan, iskren, prelepi kadrovi i glumci savrsheni svakako preporuchujem ^^

Donna L (br)

This is not an easy movie to watch emotionally

Jacky L (ag)

definitely a twist at the end alright. the cheating husband and the actor who played his clueless friend were good. very 'cuckoo', this one. mostly it was hilarious, but some parts toward the end you dunno whether to laugh or hurl

Jason D (de)

Not bad. Still, the film was nominally entertaining. Madman) is both silly and outdated. The gore effects are somewhat engaging, but the inclusion of the stop-motion monster (a deadpan lookalike or rather leftovers from Takacs Gate movies, which he shot just before and after I. I can see how this Tibor Takacs (The Gate 1 & 2) directed film caught a small cult-classic status for its look and feel amidst a bevy of 80's horror films. The standard slasher story isn't really anything new, but its certainly an interesting watch. Naturally, the police, including her detective boyfriend, all think Virginia is the loony one, so its up to her to try and stop the killer. Kessler starts to become very real as he comes out of the book to kill all of Virginia's accquiantances, taking a piece of their face and making it his own along the way. In fact, as Virginia gets deeper and deeper into her story, Malcolm Brand's fleshed out character, Dr. Her latest author is Malcolm Brand, an unstable madman who cut all most of his facial features (hair, nose, lips, ears) to gain the love of someone. I, Madman comes off as a slight Nightmare on Elm Street rip-off about a book salesman, Virginia (Near Dark's Jenny Wright) who loves herself some pulp horror novels

Jason R (ru)

It however was beaten by "The Morning After" from the Poseidon Adventure. It is really strange to think that any nominations came out of this movie but "Ben" by Michael Jackson was nominated for an Academy Award. It is also fun to see Meredith Baxter as his teenage sister that connects more to the boy than his mother. Is it a drama? A horror movie? It is too ridiculous to be either but there is something half-way watchable about it. The events of Ben start up immediately after Willard (hence the tagline Where Willard ends, Ben begins) and the story of the boy having a rat as his only friend is contrasted with Willard's rats rampaging through the city and killing whoever they encounter. It is the touching story of a boy with a heart condition and his killer rat Ben. Such a weird movie