The movie portrays the story of an Italian family emigrated in Germany in the 1970s. Romano (Gigi Savoia), the father, decides to open a pizzeria which, by mutual decision with the wife Rosa (Antonella Attili), will call Solino, leaving his sons Gigi and Giancarlo to work there. A hostile relationship comes to life between the father and his sons, which will end up in the escape of the boys from family.

In the sixties Romano Amato, his wife Rosa and their two sons Giancarlo and Gigi emigrate from Solino in Italy to Duisburg in the Ruhr area and establish the first Pizza restaurant in town.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (jp) wrote: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is entertaining and brilliant. When I first saw this movie I didn't really get it, but now the movie makes perfect sense. This movie has an amazing plot. I would suggest this for little kids because of Dr. Seuss, but for you adults you will love it because it has such a story behind it. I would suggest this movie.

Robbie H (ru) wrote: pretty entertaining action flick. Cruise is good but wish theyda picked someone else instead of Diaz.

Alex C (de) wrote: Dubbed by incompetent voice actors, this movie often feels as bad as its dubbing. Just kidding. It's even worse.

Jesus H (br) wrote: This was nice and cute

Tom L (de) wrote: Don't do depressing well... Slow moving, dry. Some tender moments, but did not enjoy.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Violent anime film that I suspect those unfamiliar with the television series, will find hard to get into.

Jessie E (nl) wrote: Anthony Hopkins is incredible. He totally embodies the essence of Picasso, as his character. You NEED to watch this movie.

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Jake G (jp) wrote: Mira Nair's SALAAM BOMBAY! is both compelling and difficult to watch. The story is much like SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, except that the film is much darker and lacks a magically happy ending. Sadly, this is how life is for many of the street urchins who live in Bombay. Child labor, malnutrition, drug abuse, and the sex slave trade are all realities. Strikingly photographed and with emphatic performances from a cast of unknowns, SALAAM BOMBAY! is difficult but important to watch.

Cal (ru) wrote: A city under siege... And administration in turmoil... A good cop fallen from grace... But now, when stakes are high, and the danger hits too close to home... They bring back the one man they can always rely on.Police Story II (a.k.a. Ging chaat goo si juk jaap) is the second part of an action film franchise. In keeping with the usual philosophy of action sequels, Police Story II is a far bigger film in terms of scope, ambition and execution, with more pyrotechnics and bigger fights. Additionally, in keeping with the usual law of this approach, the filmmakers behind Police Story II forgot that bigger is not always better. There's a lack of freshness hampering this follow-up, in addition to a demand for a bigger suspension of disbelief and far too much downtime in between the memorable moments. When the film is on, my word it is on, but when it's off? My word it's off.Wasting no time whatsoever, save for recapping the events of the previous movie, Police Story II kicks off immediately following the events of 1985's Police Story. Chan Ka Kui (Chan) has been relegated to uniformed traffic control duty because of his unorthodox approach to his police work. Despite his efforts putting drug lord Mr. Chu (Chor) behind bars, the criminal is now out of prison due to a three-month life expectancy, and has vowed to make Ka Kui's life a misery. Added to this, a group of criminals have started planting bombs in certain locations around the city, and are blackmailing large corporations for money. While Ka Kui wishes to go on vacation with his girlfriend May (Cheung), Ka Kui's superiors want him back on the force to track down the bombers. Before long, Ka Kui is back doing what he does best: kicking criminal ass.As with the original film, the main reason to check out Police Story II is the action. In this regard, the film earns a recommendation. There are fight sequences inside a restaurant and in a playground, both of which are excellent examples of Chan's stunt style. Interestingly, Chan choreographed the fights on the set, as he would examine the surroundings to decide which props to use and how. Also in the film is a fight with a scrawny deaf-mute, which facilitated moments of Chan getting beaten. Unlike many egocentric action stars, Chan found it fun to let himself get one-upped from time to time. The proceedings eventually culminate with a massive battle in a fireworks factory; incorporating exhilarating fisticuffs, clever use of props, and a massive show of pyrotechnics that remains utterly spectacular all these years on. Chan is, of course, an exceptional director when it comes to this material - all the stunt work and fight moves were done without the aid of strings, and Chan wanted to ensure his cameras captured every moment of the astounding choreography. Speaking from a filmmaking standpoint, Police Story II is head and shoulders above its predecessor. The inventive camera set-ups, creative use of handheld cameras, and general staging of otherwise banal scenes affords the film a more polished look.Chan's character, Ka Kui, is the consummate everyman; a likeable, and at times puckish do-gooder who may possess superhuman abilities but clearly has to pull out all the stops in order to survive. Fortunately, the comedic elements of Police Story II are less stupid than those within the original film, although there's an obnoxious running gag involving fart jokes. It's also much less fun than its predecessor due to the trite plot. Essentially, were it not for Jackie Chan, this would have been a second-rate Dirty Harry picture. While the action scenes here are of a high standard, there are long stretches without Chan in action. Adding insult to injury, the mid-section is unnecessarily dragged out and unforgivably sluggish. There is seldom any tension throughout this section; it's just observation and pursuing the bomb planters. The elements involving Ka Kui's love life are clumsily handled, as well.Despite its multiple flaws, Police Story II manages to deliver in the action department at least. Jackie Chan is always engaging on-screen, as he performed top-notch stunts and intricate fight scenes while at the same time providing a bit of comedy to keep things light. There's nothing in the world quite like a showcase of Jackie Chan and his death-defying stuntmen doing what they do best, and this sequel contains all that good stuff. As with the original movie, an ouchtakes montage is played during the end credits, which is filled with behind-the-scenes footage of the stunts that went dangerously wrong.

Carey L (mx) wrote: Ninjas and a laser. There's not much more to life.

Eric B (us) wrote: A hidden gem, this movie I pulled out of Netflix on a lark. Probably the last gasp of the goofy Seventies spy flicks, this dispenses with the silly & gets downright clever in the cat & mouse game between the too-cool operative kicked to the curb & the deservedly betrayed boss. Smart & with plenty of giggles all the way through.

Kevin R (it) wrote: Those kids are witches and they're from Witch Mountain!Two children, brother and sister, are orphaned and do not remember much about their past. They have some faint memories of being shipwrecked and saved, but by whom and what happened to their family members is hazy. They are drawn to a Mountain where they believe they may find the truth. Meanwhile, local law officers are tracking them down to put them back in the orphanage."I'll fight you with one hand.""I'll fight you with none."John Hough, director of The Legend of Hell House, Dirty Larry Crazy Mary, Return from Witch Mountain, The Watcher in the Woods, American Gothic, Howling IV, and Bad Karma delivers Escape to Witch Mountain. The storyline for this picture was very well written and thought out. The powers were well depicted and the acting was better than I anticipated for a film in this genre."It wasn't a country. It was a place."I had actually never seen this and thought it would be an awesome movie to watch with my daughter one day. We recently watched it and I was excited that she enjoyed it. It didn't keep her interest 100% of the time, but few live action movies do. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the children's genre and is worth your time. This is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."That thing is flying upside down."Grade: A-

Derek F (gb) wrote: Connery is noticeably older, tired, out of shape and sleepwalks through the role. The movie does well in gadgets, henchmen (Wint and Kidd) locales and sound, but suffers from a weak plot, the weakest female lead in the series thus far. Camp isn't bad but this film doesn't do it particularly well and Connery doesn't ride with it as well as Roger Moore soon would.

Ann L (us) wrote: TWO WOMEN Intense and compelling WWII drama set in Italy. Very realistic. Leaves very little to the imagination. Forceful, praiseworthy performances all around. The two women involved are the widow, Cesira, and her 13-year old daughter. It's a story about surviving the horrors of being caught within an active war zone where your life is continually threatened. Under dire hardship, we see the mother-daughter relationship changing over time and the daughter turning out to be stronger than the viewer might think. Lives up to its award-winning reputation. Sophia Loren was magnificent in the leading role. Contains disturbing scenes of gang rape.

Ibraheem M (gb) wrote: Infamous for its odd characters, "Freaks" doesn't reach the standards of modern horror but still attains its disturbing atmosphere.