Sara (Amber Jaeger) suffers from agoraphobia, an obsessive fear of open spaces that renders her a virtual captive of her own home. When her husband, Mark (Kieron Elliott), disappears unexpectedly, Sara unravels emotionally and begins to panic. Turning to her estranged sister (Kristine Sullivan) and a psychiatrist (Andrew Qamar) for support, Sara soon begins to wonder whether the doctor is trying to help her or is plotting her demise.

About an agoraphobic woman who's trapped inside her house and thinks her husband is conspiring with her psychiatrist to drive her insane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Solitary torrent reviews

Kevin R (de) wrote: One movie that you'll never see the twist before it happens..

Matthew C (nl) wrote: Acting! OK, so yeah, watching these folks read dialog is a bit awkward. But, it's a fun, goofy as hell movie. Rowdy Roddy Piper battles frog-faced mutants and saves his seed for needy women in this low budget apocalypse. It's kind of funny, and has a few clever bits. But the time and money were obviously lacking. Still, worth a watch if you like some 80s weird.

I have Riboflavin flavored blood (it) wrote: a truly weird film but Pierce does a great job as the French paleontologist or is he an archeologist oh and Adam Ant is in it worth watching at least once

Darren R (nl) wrote: Eyes Of A Stranger is an abomination, pure and simple. Far and away the worst of the twisted terror collection and a movie to avoid watching. Usually if i hate a movie i can still find one redeeming quality about it. Sadly, this has none. Eyes of a stranger is one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my life!!!

Sherry W (kr) wrote: Excellent movie. Benson plays a young man who is in the Aztecas a Hispanic street gang. He falls in love with a young girl from the "other side of the tracks". An excellent story about how love crosses all barriers and how just because you come from "bad" roots, doesn't mean you can't become a worthwille person.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: It is a beautiful and rustic film that has rugged, handsome, classic characters that enliven a dark, vengeful story that slowly unwinds to its satisfying finale.

Sanjid P (de) wrote: Based on the same historical events that inspired Ken Russell's 1971 film THE DEVILS, but actually the events of MJOA take place immediately after the "wicked" priest (who was later to be the central male character of THE DEVILS, played by Oliver Reed) has been burned at the stake as a sorcerer, and accuses by the 'possessed' nuns. So, when the film starts the possession and exorcism attempts are already well under way. Given the ten-year gap between the two films, the scenes here of rampaging nuns are nowhere near as explicit as in Russell's film...especially since it mainly concentrates on the man's inner torture and crisis of faith (somewhat like Ingmar Bergman's SEVENTH SEAL fashion) portrayed with high contrast black and white cinematography.Nevertheless the possession & exorcism scenes in the first half are beautifully done, however, with the first revelation of evil being particularly unsettling and brilliantly handled. Even the first meeting between the two main characters is fascinating; black beard and black robe of priest against possessed Mother Joan's pure white habit & headdressthe classic colors of good and evil are actually reversed here.Overall in MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELS the Polish director Jerzy Kawalerowicz showed a disturbing exploration of faith, oppression, and desire. It's indeed a spellbinding character drama & a highly accomplished piece of film making in its own right.

Nolan M (fr) wrote: Hammer films reworking of the classic vampire story is not even close to the book and gets quite boring. Christopher Lee plays a good Dracula despite the stupid storyline.

Ice R (br) wrote: A excellent film featuring an incredible performance from Dressler.

Angelica L (br) wrote: It was an alright movie, tho it felt like Apple payed for it all since it feels like a big commercial for the company. I mean why else would they leave out the amazing Pixar he was a part of?

Leonard D (nl) wrote: I grew impatient after 15 minutes, anxiously waiting for Sean Connery to show up!