It’s New Year’s Eve and while the Brussels’ city streets are teeming with drunken revelers, the paths of two solitary souls will cross. Max, a poor sod, is drowning his existential confusion in alcohol. Julie, a young woman, finds it impossible to reconcile herself with the bitter realities of her life. But on this festive night, they’ll try to put aside their personal mess and painful pasts. Unfortunately, that past remains hot on their heels. Max’s urgent money needs drove him to commit a robbery with a trio of idiots. Juliette missed a meeting with a bottle of sleeping pills and feels the urge to try again if she can’t find anything worth living. The clock is ticking away to midnight. Whatever happens, there will be fireworks!

See what it's like inside the maximum security prison. Kristi goes inside where no cameras are allowed. Red onion state prison is in southwest Virginia. mountains in
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Lane Z (fr) wrote: In a day and age where Hollywood has become so overbearing when it gets hold of an idea (see anything super hero for example), zombies have taken a slight back seat in recent years. It's not that they exhausted the genre by any means, but finding new and inventive ways to tell the same tried and true story can be difficult.That's why it's nice to see The Girl with All the Gifts buck the traditional zombie trend and focus on more thought-provoking questions than mindless killing and all-out survival by giving us a character who teeters on the edge of both afflicted and human.I wouldn't say Melanie, played by Sennia Nanua, is a heightened human reaping the benefits of a super-strength virus. It's more along the lines of living with what you've been given. So this is a tragedy. While the acting is fairly substantial with Glenn Close, Gemma Arteton and Paddy Considine lending their expertise, the script never reaches beyond the dialogue to really offer us a solution to the problem.This film felt nearly identical to The Last of Us video game. For anyone who has played that A+ game, this movie might feel a little light when compared. It's nice to see someone give a new take on the zombie genre, but we don't stray far enough from the usual to really have a standout film.

Craig L (mx) wrote: Hooray for inadequate response from the gov't in one of the worst natural disasters in this nation!

Randy P (us) wrote: The thrills are there. But it is as if the thrills are trying to convince you that you re having a good time. Making this film even unsure of itself that it's even good or not.

Nicole O (us) wrote: Fascinating, and features some very cool archival footage of contests.

Tony P (kr) wrote: Martial arts film from 1973 that has gained notoriety as being the last film made by its main star Bruce Lee. Lee died just prior to its premiere.I admit to having little exposure to the genre. My 'kung-fu' movie education has perhaps only included the Karate Kid films!However this is a classic and worthy of everybody watching before they die.The fight choreography by Lee is a joy. Despite some dodgy dubbing and sound effects added post - production.I am going to have to watch other films in the genre.The plot involves a kung-fu tournament being held on an island near the then UK controlled Hong Kong.The owner of the island and organiser of the tournament Han is being monitored by the British for dodgy opium linked criminal activities.Lee is invited to the tournament as a contestant and asked by the British to help capture Han with evidence to bring down his empire.However Lee has other reasons to go for Han. Including the death of his sister and the dishonour brought to his shaolin temple by Han.I couldn't help but spot a few similarities to the Bond franchise! Han has a metal hand (Dr. No).He strokes a white cat (Blofeld).The Bond films follow this film a year later in 1974 with The Man With The Golden Gun set in Macau and Hong Kong and featuring a hall of mirrors scene that mirrors a scene towards the end of this.A musical score is provided by Mission:Impossible composer Lalo Schifrin.Excellent film.

Weul S (de) wrote: A tale of interchanging sexual power

Paul D (de) wrote: This is an acid trip set to George Harrison's Indian-influenced soundtrack.

John M (ru) wrote: Forget reality television, this is a reality movie. So taking it back to the 80's, this is a documentary showcasing two promising high school basketball players, Arthur Agee and William Gates. They both come from impoverished backgrounds where there is struggle a plenty off the court. Can they rise up, overcome and take their games to the next level? This is another film that is featured on the 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list, but the thing that really caught my eye about this is that Roger Ebert has been quoted as saying that this is his favorite film released in the 1990's, which is certainly high praise, given the thousands of movies the man watched throughout his illustrious career. And the movie is really solid, too, but I wasn't expecting anything different from a movie that got paid such a hefty compliment. One thing you may not know about me is that I'm actually a huge fan of the NBA and of basketball in general. I have always had a love for the sport, and can always watch a game and get really into it, regardless if it is high school, college, or professional. If you are going to watch this, the one thing that you have to keep in mind about the NBA is that while it glamorous, there is only about 450 open spots in the league, averaging about 14 - 15 spots per roster per 30 teams. This means that when you watch Hoop Dreams, you are getting what is undoubtedly an inspiring underdog story, but if you have a foot in the realm of realism, you know that the likelihood that these two get to go pro is astronomical, even given how talented they both are. This is a raw and emotional documentary that is easy to get into. You get invested in it, and you want to see nothing but good things for these kids, especially given their backgrounds. It's almost 3 hours long, but it moves as fast as can be, showing years of their lives in a very abbreviated form (they apparently shot over 250 hours of footage over 5 years). Even if you tether the expectations of their dreams, simply getting into college would be a triumph, so you always have something to root for. Hoop Dreams is a wonderful documentary, is accessible at every moment, and is absolutely something that you should take the time to view.

HungYa L (jp) wrote: I prefer the first one

Richard J (mx) wrote: Not Pam Grier's best as that is Coffy, but the score is amazing, and the style and the plot isn't that bad, however it is a little wooden in places by some actors. Anyway watch this if you love Pam Grier films