Solo en casa

Solo en casa


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Gerald A (ag) wrote: This is a real good movie that I have on vhs. Now its time to buy it on dvd.

Mike P (us) wrote: To chase a dream....steal a body.

Mikey P (de) wrote: masterpiece.RITCHIE!

Francisco G (jp) wrote: Wow, what a corny cheesy movie!This is such a silly concept to start with that it could've been slightly more fun if it didn't take itself seriously at all. Tribesmen offer blondes (yes, hair color racism right there) to the sun, since there's some sort of curse on it. It's all very vague because everyone talks on a cave men language that sound like babies talking to one another. Not sold yet? How about cheesy stop motion dinossaurs, cave men romance and skimpy leather bikins? Come on...It's a nice one to watch with your friends, to play a game of "did I spot a nipple right there". Seriously, those furkinis couldn't be any tighter if they tried to.

Lenny R (us) wrote: This is probably the only Bond film actually based on a Fleming book (rather than just taking the name, a la The Spy Who Loved Me, etc) that significantly improves upon its source. It does so by rethinking some of the more ludicrous ideas, such as Goldfinger's plan for the Fort Knox attack (the absurd scheme Bond postulates, that Goldfinger scoffs at, is more or less Fleming's version), and Pussy's lesbianism (her 'disorder' is much more overt in the book, and Bond helpfully 'cures' her of it with his man-lovin'. Whether it was done for reasons of censorship or common decency doesn't matter to the end result - the movie throws out Fleming's homophobic bulls#!t). They've also improved upon the Aston (in the book it's a DBIII with a phone in it), kind of creating a monster as far as the gadgets go, but allowing for a classic sequence, where Bond invades Goldfinger's compound in his fully-loaded spy car.Gert Frobe (dubbed by another actor because he could barely speak English) is great as Auric, gentlemanly geniality barely concealing menace. Harold Sakata is also really good as Oddjob, Goldfinger's hat-slinging mute Korean manservant. Honor Blackman is a fine Pussy. Shirley Eaton is good fun as Jill. Tania Mallet is not quite as good, as Jill's vengeful sister Tilly, but does OK.Guy Hamilton's first (and easily best) effort as director set the standard for the series for many years to come, introducing an overall jokier tone than the previous two, most obviously in Bond's affectionate needling of the grouchy Q.The score is one of John Barry's best (for me, it's second only to OHMSS), and the Shirley Bassey theme song has rightfully become a classic.Overall, this is still probably the best Bond movie ever made.

Bob M (de) wrote: Brilliant animation and lots of Donald Duck make Disney movie worth watching. Don't expect much of a story, though. Just great songs and lots of fun!

Love M (kr) wrote: A lightweight clich that's appealing to the hopeless romantics. 30/6/2013