Solo para dos

Solo para dos

A romantic comedy that tells the story of Gonzalo, a Spaniard, and Valentina, an Argentinian. They live on Margarita Island and manage a hotel that only admits couples. After several years ...

It tells the story of Gonzalo and Valentina, a couple who have spent several years together and who run a magical hotel in Isla Margarita: the Just For Two. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (au) wrote: Not terribly original or creative, but damn if it wasn't entertaining. For some reason after their bus stops, a group of students go to a deserted carnival in the middle of the nowhere, and then go on all of the rides. They are watched then the railroad reapers starts killing them one by one. To be honest, it is quite entertaining, and there are interesting characters. Not the usual bunch one sees in slasher flicks.Jack the Reaper is by no means great, but it is fun.

Sarah B (es) wrote: Absolutely brilliant... laugh laugh laugh... clutching my tummy when they coined the new phrase "Funeral Parlour" - with Andy Serkis and Jessica Hynes (who should get equal billing with Isla Fisher I think). Love Simon Pegg. Comedy Genius. Jessica Hynes has been a massive fave since Spaced !! 5 big stars.

Kj H (fr) wrote: First, this is not the Liam Neeson movie. I don't know if thats why it got such bad reviews, people were expecting a different movie when they watched it. I actually like it more than the Neeson movie. It's a pretty typical isolation movie, 5 guys awake locked in a storeroom with no memory of how they got there. There are some predictable twists, some less predictable twists, and then even more twists which could best be characterized as unnecessary or overkill, but all in all, its an enjoyable 90 minutes. I like this type of story anyway, lock people in together and cut them off from the rest of the world, see what happens. Cast is okay, Greg Kinnear, Joe Pantoliano, Bridget Moynahan. Again, its nothing mind blowing, but I liked it.

Saurabh K (nl) wrote: Steven Spielberg's War of the worlds-2/10

Geoff J (it) wrote: Flatter than a Cambridge field after a thunderstorm.

Lisa K (ca) wrote: This was a good movie... politically and socially significant, well acted, fun dialogue.... a little slow at times, but still really enjoyable.

Anand K (ru) wrote: Bad screenwriting. Is it a story about santa's son being on the naughty list? Or santa finding a wife? maybe about the robot santa? Who knows-they kept changing their mind apparently. Loaded with pointless scenes that add nothing to the story-eg the opening scene, the scene with the tooth fairy et al, the football game....the list goes on.Screenwriters-make sure you have a well defined goal and obstacle and make sure every scene, in fact every line, serves the dramatic purpose of the story.Dont for god sake just squish a bunch of scenes together ok?

Doug O (ru) wrote: I was fascinated by the history brought alive and thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

maria r (ru) wrote: hahaha...i totally forgot about this movie...i love it...saw it a million times growing up!

Trela C (it) wrote: An homage to her dog and an education in tibetan buddhist philosophy on death. Don't waste your time unless you are interested in one, the other or both.

Snarky (br) wrote: Whether it be this version or the new one I will forever love this story! LoL.

Private U (ca) wrote: What a cool movie... George C. really outdoes himself as the incorrigible con-man Mordecai Jones - and Michael Sarazin is perfect as his get-pulled-along apprentice and foil. Great sense of place, background music and car-chase. Loved this as a kid.

Timothy M (us) wrote: Without a doubt Katharine Hepburn's most sensual performance! This movie put Venice on the map for the US. After the films release Venice's tourism tripled!!! Beautifully shot by David Lean. Anyone looking for a classic romance look no further. Brilliant!!

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Don Jon definitely had some interesting aspects to it and provided a fresh take on a well-worn genre, but ultimately I didn't believe that the character Joseph Gordon-Levitt played would ever fall for the old, quirky redhead in the end.