Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane

A nomadic 16th century warrior, condemned to hell for his brutal past, seeks redemption by renouncing violence, but finds some things are worth burning for as he fights to free a young Puritan woman from the grip of evil.

The film centers on a ruthless mercenary who renounces violence after learning his soul is bound for hell. He later is forced to fight and seek his redemption slaying evil to rescue a young woman from an evil sorcerer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (jp) wrote: This is a disappointment at so many levels there's no way to describe how bad this movie is and how weak the story really becomes

Fiong M (gb) wrote: -?~' 1/4

Khalid M (au) wrote: fun movie... arshad warsi do gud job in comedies...

CJ C (it) wrote: Another slow, but well-acted ghost/suspense with a simple story. PSYang is a cutie too.

I dont know w (mx) wrote: Only 6 ratings? This looks amazing!

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Featuring two incredible turns by Paul Newman and Jude Law, this movie never quite hits the mark --- but it remains a solid and entertaining experience.

Kyle S (us) wrote: Simply for Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman it gets 3 1/2

Claudette A (it) wrote: I decided to watch this film because Kurosawa was Japan's best director. I don't think any other Japanese director has come close. This film is simple yet interesting. I would like to see a modern remake of this movie.

Sharad Y (mx) wrote: The movie is visually interesting.

William R (mx) wrote: a interesting 1st half ruined by a routine second half

Johnson C (fr) wrote: What's the meaning of inside man? Who's inside the game....... seems to be the criticism to the wealth, while the candle stand implies the most iconic moment in the movie.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer is Married to the Mob in this comedy. The wife of Mafia hitman Alec Baldwin, Pfeiffer regularly chastizes her husband for his underhanded line of work. Baldwin refuses to entertain any thoughts of quitting the mob-and besides, he's got a good thing going with Nancy Travis, the promiscuous girl friend of gang boss Dean Stockwell. When Stockwell catches on to Travis' peccadilloes, he murders both his mistress and the unlucky Baldwin. At Baldwin's funeral, Stockwell is overwhelmed by Pfeiffer's beauty, and immediately begins plying her with expensive gifts. But Pfeiffer is through with this sort of thing, and with her young son in tow, she leaves town, hoping to start life anew. Upon making the acquaintance of bumbling, seemingly sincere Matthew Modine, Pfeiffer is convinced that Modine is just another mob flunkey. But it's even worse: Modine is an FBI agent, ordered to get to Stockwell by using Pfeiffer as bait. Reluctantly (he's grown quite fond of her himself), Modine blackmails Pfeiffer into setting up a rendezvous with Stockwell.

Marc F (de) wrote: British scarface indeed

Ryan W (br) wrote: Top Five is now not only one of my favourite comedy films but favourite films in general mixing well crafted jokes while also giving us a look at the human condition of the rich& famous and how the public see them.10/10 Superb

Steven K (kr) wrote: This movie is not well reviewed but, to the creator, I would just like to say - it was charming. I give it five stars - I can't pick it apart because it moved me and good or bad - it was good for me.

Carmen W (nl) wrote: A good movie about an outbreak theme. It makes you wonder what you would do in similar circumstances.