While in a party promoted by her chief and friend Måns Wenngren, the fiscal attorney, Rebecka Martinsson, receives a call from her former sister-in-law, Sanna Strandgård, telling that her brother and preacher Viktor was murdered, stabbed and with severed hands, and she would be arrested. Rebecka heads to her hometown Kiruna and defends Sanna, but the evidences found by the police in her house prove her guilty and she is arrested. While investigating the crime, Rebecka is haunted by her past and faces the bigoted and fanatic religious dwellers that worship the local church, and is more convinced of the innocence of Sanna.

While in a party promoted by her chief and friend Måns Wenngren, the fiscal attorney, Rebecka Martinsson, receives a call from her former sister-in-law, Sanna Strandgård, telling that her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Solstorm torrent reviews

Nick R (it) wrote: A classic that will always have a place on my shelf

Onno v (au) wrote: niet slecht, maar zo traag dat ik hem niet af kan kijken...

Michael B (gb) wrote: A well done werewolf story , despite it's made for tv look . Shares many themes with the movie " Wolf " , but less a horror movie than a psychological drama .

Kristina E (gb) wrote: great movie, johnathan tucker is really good in this movie and very hot!!

Julian P (nl) wrote: After watching it again after all these years, I loved what I saw.It's not perfect but watching it is a lot more enjoyable as a grown up.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: I love random comedies like that. Great cast, silly, but funny plot and it was just a pleasure to watch.

Rick B (gb) wrote: The beginning is messy, with many boring scenes and out-of-place jump scares, and there's clearly a lack of direction and some pretty bad acting by the supporting cast. However, the twist is nice, and the action picks up toward the end. There are a lot of "Oh, COME ON..." moments, but Sean Connery and Lawrence Fishburne keep in grounded and overall pretty entertaining.

Samantha G (br) wrote: May not have been the best acting and visual effects were kinda lame in the beginning but I was entertained and that's good

Adriano B (mx) wrote: Supercop back to school, Stepehn Chow style. Not exactly new, and you see this even in a bunch of Hollywood flicks, but thr talent of Chow make this pass the viewer test with a decent grade.

Sean M (de) wrote: Film was made after the TV series so no Richard Beckinsale in this. Also most of the material was taken from the first episodes of the TV series so it appears that the movie was a bit of a barrelscraper. Still some funny moments though.

Jesse O (au) wrote: Decent movie overall, maybe I'd have enjoyed it more if it watched back when it first came out because, like with another old French comedy La Chevre, I thought this movie was only sporadically funny. There's some really funny scenes here, but there's also a whole lot of nothing in between those funny scenes. Michel Serrault is really entertaining in his role but it wasn't enough to make it good and, realistically, he was the main reason to watch this movie. And seeing how he interacts with the more conservative couple. Really it feels just like a sitcom, quite frankly. It's not bad and while it did nothing for me, I'm completely aware that others would probably enjoy this movie more than I did.

Charlo P (ru) wrote: violence , sexe , amour ,motion, fantasme et perte l'un des plus beaux du matre hollandais.

Daniel A (ru) wrote: Of course this one is all about Bette Davis' performance, just like so many of her films. Her fiery turn here earned her a second Oscar win, and ranks amongst the most enduring performances of her career. Credit also to director William Wyler who tastefully tells this familiar tale of great romance amidst societal faux-pas, creating a number of memorable moments; none more so than Davis being forced to dance in her 'red' dress. Yes, it's something of a Gone With The Wind-lite, but it also stands on its own feet as a fine late 1930s melodrama with a fantastic central performance.

Liliana G (fr) wrote: I like to see this movie:-)

Matt R (us) wrote: This was a good crime drama that clearly wanted to combine the best of its forebears (French Connection, Dirty Harry, and Bullitt). It succeeds, mostly, and is a competent film - but it lacks the iconic lines and originality of the other films that birthed it. Looks a little dated by today's standards, and the drama falls a bit flat compared to a lot of fare that the eighties gave us, but it's definitely worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of the genre.