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Some Dogs Bite

A 14-year-old leads his two half-brothers (one older, one an infant) on a journey to find and live as a family with his father after their mother dies.

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Casey is in foster care; Severino is about to be adopted, and no one really cares what H (Taylor) does. It's a Crime to Steal a Baby! But What if it's Your Brother? H (18), Casey (14) and baby Severino have been split up after their mother's death

Some Dogs Bite torrents

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Some Dogs Bite2010 torrent

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Users reviews

Al P (gb)

Hee haw haw!!! Das it!

Andr D (de)

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Andrew B (us)

Very hard not to like this unpretentious, romantic love story

Don S (fr)

Silly, with a few chuckles

Evita S (ru)

The setting, the story-line, the music, the dialogue, and the performances are all superb. One of my all-time favorite films

Graham M (us)

A unique family film that is equal parts enchanting and uncomfortable to watch

K C (ca)

Only Wayne's second 'policeman' film, and great genre film like 'Dirty Harry hits England'. A little lengthly, but definately a popcorn movie. Nearly a sequel to the Duke's 'McQ' (not to say he didn't have acting range), the story didn't stretch the character, while it did actually make for a rather good whodunnit story. The Queen had best be prepared because the man who settled the wild west and had such a hand in winning WWII is touching down on her little isle. . . McQ invades London

Leanne W (ag)

A miga 2/10 from me. There scenes in it that made the film drag on and I wasn't too pleased with the casting or special effects, as soon as it hits the prom scenes, feels like watching final destination. I'm severly disappointed with this remake of the 1976 classic

Marilee A (br)

Not even close to as Good as Valley of the Dolls

TheScarlatescu R (us)

the plot starts very badly with lame oneliners, then bill maher apears with the comic relief of the movie