Some Other Stories

Some Other Stories

The film is a high-concept project with five stories exploring the themes of motherhood and pregnancy, directed by women filmmakers from five former Yugoslav republics. “Croatian Story” follows an anguished painter who must decide whether or not to keep one of her unborn twins, diagnosed with Down syndrome. “Serbian Story” finds an expectant mother in the same emergency room with a charming killer. “Bosnia-Herzegovina Story” centers on a financially strapped Sarajevo family whose son?s lover is pregnant. “Macedonian Story” unfolds in a clinic where a drug addict struggles to keep her baby, and “Slovenian Story” ends the omnibus on a humorous note with a nun who finds her own way to immaculate conception.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Croatian,Serbian,Bosnian,English,Macedonian,Slovenian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pregnancy,   maternity,   omnibus,  

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Simon D (jp) wrote: Yes, I understnad that the story is the token part of this film and it's not the best part, which is the soundtrack, of course, which often makes your hairs stand on end. The fact that every possible opportunity to plaster Stone Roses posters on things was taken which did make the film lose some sense of reality. Basically, if you're a Stone Roses fan, you'll love this, if you are not, then watch this and you will be.

Dino C (au) wrote: Bella says: Awesome job; I like how Kimmy designed her paper planes as different types of animals. I liked how Kevin was a bully except turned into a friend! :)

Ernst W (au) wrote: A movie for people who are dumbed in relationship. It probably can help heartbreakers to rebound. But people can also see it as an unrealistic story and keep living in their trauma. The movie gives some points about facing the mistakes people made in relationship. No matter it helps or not, it??s quite worthy to reference when you are very confused about your situation, also keep you 2hrs 32 minutes away from being miserable in your trauma. :)

Joel C (ru) wrote: I don't think it's that bad of a movie...

Lugva P (mx) wrote: Manly. A manly ass movie.

Judge L (es) wrote: There are far better documentaries out there that tell the tail of what happened on that fateful day in '96 on Everest. Or better yet read the Krakhauer book that this is based on. I still found this to be entertaining enough.

Steve G (us) wrote: Actually, one of the few even-handed depictions of Vietnam. Some really interesting character interaction. Despite the profanity, a very worthwhile movie. Far superior to Platoon.

Justin W (us) wrote: this film proves that medical school takes a long time...i was waiting for some of the cast to fall down and scream out that they've fallen and can't get up. aside from that, the film is pretty lame. it revolves around a medical fraternity and all of the stuff they've gotta do to get put it bluntly, i think someone mistook the ring of terror for a toilet...because this film smells like a large pile of poo.

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