Some Say No

Some Say No

Some Say No is a new Italian comedy with a very serious subject: the way the country's society is corroded by favoritism that pushes inferior people to the top in virtually every field. In Florence, three thirty-somethings band together to wage their own war on the system. Each of them is a person of talent who has been pushed out by "favorites" or raccomandati, people who have muscled in on the promotions they ought to have gotten by pulling strings.

Three former school friends meet after twenty years and realize that they pursued a common enemy: the recommended. Max (Argentero Luke) is a reporter for talent in a local newspaper that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deborah B (nl) wrote: Don't bother! Too many holes in story. Low budget means low everything! Sorry guys this was a fail!!!

Robert B (kr) wrote: Return to Sleepaway Camp (Robert Hiltzik, 2008) Twenty-five years after the original Sleepaway Camp became a runaway cult hit, Robert Hiltzik got back in the director's chair for the fifth film in the ongoing (the sixth is in post-production as I write this; the fourth, started in 2002 and abandoned when the production company went bankrupt, is reported to now be finished and looking for a distributor) horror/comedy series. One would have hoped that Hiltzik returning to the fold would have meant a similar return to straighter horror, as the first movie wasn't played as a comedy, but one would hope in vain. Hiltzik has very much internalized the movies in between. The end result? A movie that combines the worst of all the pictures that came before it, with no inkling at all of what made them watchable. Alan (Michael Gibney in his first big-screen appearance) is exactly the kind of kid an audience is least likely to feel sympathy for. He's a whiny little brat who complains to any adult in earshot that he's always getting picked on, which causes the older kids to pick on him, so he turns around and bullies those younger and smaller than himself. He also never bathes or changes his clothes (one of the few good touches in the movie is the degradation over time of the condition of his ever-present white T-shirt). Of course, he's the outcast, and you know where this is going if you've seen earlier movies in the series; those who pick on him start dying horrible deaths. I think where Hiltzik went wrong with this is that in the original, which cleaves strongly to this same formula, while Angela wasn't exactly a sympathetic character, her extreme lack of socialization and uncomfortableness around others made us at least pity the poor kid. (Either that or Felissa Rose was really that bad an actress in 1983.) Alan is one of the least sympathetic characters in horror movies, maybe in any kind of movies, in a long, long time. I don't know about everyone else, but I was hoping he would be the first one to bite it less than five minutes in. It would be a spoiler to tell you the movie's biggest letdown, but given the placement of this sentence in this review, you're probably smart enough to figure out what it is on your own. A complete waste of time, notable only for Isaac Hayes' spoofing on the Chef character he played in South Park for a minute or so early in the film. * 1/2

Leah C (ca) wrote: F R O D O B A G G I N S

Red S (ru) wrote: Zero climax. About half an hour too long. Considered a comedy without a singe laugh.

David S (jp) wrote: All I'll say is, watch Heat instead. Its way better. Righteous Kill is riddled with cop mystery thriller cliches. Its dull, its bland, it stinks