Somebody Help Me 2

Somebody Help Me 2

Brendan and Darryl have both moved on with their lives following the events at the cabin in the woods; not unscathed however. Coming up on the anniversary, Brendan is still having nightmares that he feels will come true at any moment. His worse fears come to life when his wife and niece don't return home one night

Brendan and Darryl move on with their lives after a horrible night in a cabin until Brendan's wife and niece don't return home from work one night. Daryl's girlfriend comes to Brendan's house to tell him Darryl is missing too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin D (ru) wrote: Didn't live up to all of its hype, but it was OK. My grade: C-

Brett H (ru) wrote: Get Smart is a totally silly, but effortlessly enjoyable spy spoof that has rapid-fire gags throughout and an awesome cast to back them up. Adapted from the popular tv series co-created by Mel Brooks, the film centers on a top analyst for a government agency (played by the bumbling Carell) who wants nothing more than to be a spy and gets his chance when the other agents' identities are compromised. His brand of physical humour akin to Peter Sellers really works here and his surprising capabilities in the field through accidents or pure luck are hilarious to watch. He's joined by Anne Hathaway who has a funny spin on her character that she's actually older than him but had undergone surgery to hide her identity allowing for a lot of hilarious hijinks between them two. The supporting cast is great as well with Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp, and of course, The Rock playing a bit of a goof himself! The film plays out very much like an Austin Powers movie without all the sex jokes and it's good, clean fun for an assortment of people to watch. Alan Arkin also delivers one of the funniest damn lines during a car chase and it is comedy gold!

Cassandra W (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was beautifully told about misfits and the teenage goth culture, especially as this was the first culture as a teenager I became fixated upon, therefore I could relate a lot.Both characters are loveable and makes me smile throughout

Kim B (mx) wrote: Kind of like a lesbian Bonnie and Clyde/true romance. At first I was like this movie is going to be a tacky, male fantasy lesbo movie. Why did it get good ratings? Then as the film progressed and the plot thickened it became a lesbian mob robbery movie. It def got more interesting and better. The tension kept building during the film and the Caesar guy did a good job acting. The film was well cast. I was surprised by the ending she was a bit ruthless. I have to admit I'm kinda disappointed they never showed what they did with the bodies. Other than that this is probably one of the better gay movies out there that aren't trying to be pseudo porn and actually has a plot.

Jaime G (fr) wrote: Lancelot du Lac transcends its source and becomes a transcendent viewing experience to rank alongside Bresson's best works.

Bill A (ru) wrote: Too bad I only caught this from the middle. I have a feeling that this is very good.

Greg W (jp) wrote: vidor does some deep fried southern gothic

Iron M (fr) wrote: Very boring. Just dragged out showing characters that were hard to care about. don't waste your time, watch star trek.

Cameron M (ag) wrote: A great film...trailer!

Kevin B (it) wrote: Not even Michael Ironside as a first-class psycho or William Shatner as, well...William Shatner can save this so-so thriller from mediocrity.