Somebody's Hero

Somebody's Hero

An average New York accountant tries to fill the boots of a movie-based superhero. Dennis, a lonely New York accountant accidentally stops a costume shop robbery while he’s trying on a “Man America” superhero outfit. The whole clumsy fight is captured on security cameras and when the video hits the news he becomes the center of a media-frenzy. Everyone wants to know “who is Man America?!” And “when is he coming back?!” The only person who knows his true identity convinces him that the people of New York have new hope and that they need him. Without any superpowers and armed with nothing but a silly costume he dives into the superhero business. At first things look up at work and with his new girlfriend, but not for long!

An average accountant attempts to fill the boots of a movie-based superhero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Somebody's Hero torrent reviews

Hardik G (us) wrote: The story was innovative & quirky, but it falters at some points in between especially the meaningless love story & at times overdose of funny choocha :P

Louis P (kr) wrote: Not a bad flick, somewhat interesting

Janette R (gb) wrote: Annie movie for basketball kids

Elisa G (mx) wrote: Simples plot, funny and unpretentious.Leading couple is well acclaimed in Brazil.

Andy B (ag) wrote: As a 28 year old, i just watched this movie last night. I can't believe how absolutely stunning it was, i was like a Deer trapped in the headlights, i could not look away. Amazing DoP and Camera work for the time.The narrative is very engaging,It sinks its hooks in and does not let go for the entirety of the film. the characters and dialogue are incredibly well written and acted. In short, this is a new Favourite of mine, topping the top 5 list of my all time greatest movies. Up their with The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather. Do not be put off via the Black and White, This is surely one of the greatest movies ever made and you would be a fool to miss it for something so vein.9.8/10 Stars!Simply a Brilliant piece of not only film.. but art.

Randy Y (kr) wrote: Had heard this was a decent movie, and it actually was quite enjoyable. A decent study of hockey/hockey culture. Pretty straight forward plot, but good characters and decent pace. It was a little annoying how simple they made the main character, but it was offset by his caring and innocence.

Carrie B (es) wrote: There are no good movies on Netflix Instant. wtf