Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

A vulnerable teenager with a deep perception of the world and no idea how to live in it.

The movie revolves around a confused New York teenager, James Sveck, and his loving, eccentric and dysfunctional family. James has a deep perception of the world and no idea how to live in it but luckily, his enigmatic, free-spirited grandmother knows how he feels. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trinity C (us) wrote: This looks interestibg,,,

Cristhin R (jp) wrote: We have been attacked by Terrorist on US soil.......i have an idea, let's go Bust Tommy Chong!

Andre R (nl) wrote: Well-developed, many laughs. Surely good enough for me.

Dave H (nl) wrote: ummm, it could be interesting...

Manni R (au) wrote: ...a very unconventional but interesting group of characters

Tracey c (de) wrote: Betty Hutton (as Annie Oakley) and Howard Keel (as Frank Butler) star in this sharpshootin' funfest based on the 1,147-performance Broadway smash boasting Irving Berlin's beloved score, including Doin' What Comes Natur'lly, I GOT THE SUN IN THE MORNING AND THE ANTHEMIC tHERE'S nO bUISNESS like show buiness , As produced by Arthur Freed, directed by George Sidney and seen and heard in a new digital transfer from restored elements, this lavish, spirited production showcases songs and performances with bull's -eye precision, earning an Oscar for adaptation scoring. The story is a brawling boy-meets-girl-meets-buckshot rivalry, But love finally triumphs when Annie proves that, yes, you can get a man with a gun!

Lauren H (es) wrote: A dark, complex and atmospheric film about love and death. Lang plays with the expressionist atmosphere of the film to better evoke the deep psychology of the two main characters. It's impossible not to recall Hitchcock's 'Rebecca' while watching this film, right through the creepy 'secretary' and ghostly presence of the dead wife. Bennett plays her character as self-sufficient, dedicated, and powerful as she seeks to unravel her husband's tortured pathology in an attempt to save him (and herself). Some genuinely suspenseful moments give way to a slightly strange denouement that nonetheless fulfills the film's complex psychological trajectory. My one objection must be the pervasive voiceover that runs through too much of the film, limiting some of the power of the actors (both the leads are superb) by describing and characterizing too much of the scene. It was as though Lang did not trust the strength of his visuals to adequately convey the film's narrational complexity. But a completely enjoyable film, very satisfying, with a lot more going on under the surface than even the film itself acknowledges.

Michael L (it) wrote: another great king vidor feature and some fantastic mimicry/comedy by the delightful marion davies. there are some early hollywood cameos and some very humorous satire if you enjoy can understand the references

Patryk C (us) wrote: Poirot on a case that gives the shivers. At a remote, beautiful, yet mysterious island things don't always go as planned. When a rich woman is murdered and everybody has an alibi, Poirot starts an investigation of the most difficult kind. While it might seem impossible to find the killer, the clues start to add up perfectly in the classic act of show-and-tell.