Someone is Still Waiting

Someone is Still Waiting

1st STORY: The Waiting Room. Vanja and Dara, women of the middle-age, from different social status, met in the hall of the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to be called to prepare for ...

1st STORY: The Waiting Room. Vanja and Dara, women of the middle-age, from different social status, met in the hall of the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to be called to prepare for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy H (br) wrote: One of my Top Ten movies of the year. Because of coming out so late in the season, it did not receive the Oscar consideration that it should. Michael Keaton is excellent in the roll of businessman, Ray Kroc, THE FOUNDER, in his mind, of the most profitable fast-food restaurant in history...McDonald's. This is the story of the creation of this worldwide chain. A great movie for the entire family. WARNING: After seeing THE FOUNDER, your first stop on the way home will be for a Big Mac and Fries.

Jacob F (br) wrote: Good drama, with very affecting performances from the two leads

Jason D (it) wrote: Retardead is the ultra-low budget, low-brow, and very ill-conceived loose prequel to the equally moronic Monsturd. I thought for sure I was making a big, big mistake in renting this film, seeing as I absolutely hated Monsturd, regardless of my love for low budget messes. In all actuality, Retardead wound up being a little fun, even if it looked to have been made for just a few bucks. The story's big problem is taking a very controversial concept, running with it for a couple of blocks, and then completely abandoning it. The film focuses on the idea of retards being tested on by a demented scientist (the same one who created Monsturd) who at first succeeds in making them smart until they rapidly become flesh eating monsters that create an outbreak in the community. If you're going to go "there" with the retard controversy, see it all the way through. This could have been a really awesomely offensive movie, but instead, it will probably just offend the easily offendable, who, honestly, have become so predictable in what offends them that it's honestly not funny to see them get offended anymore. Anyways, the film provides a lot of laughs, a lot of badly done gore effects, and some quirky appearances from the likes of former Dead Kennedy's frontman Jello Biafra to my good pal Dan Ellis in a small role. I'd recommend this film to, of course, fans of Monsturd as well as really, really, really low budget films. If you can't take a joke or see that a film knows it's awful but runs with it anyways for the sake of being silly and entertaining weirdos, then obviously, you are a moron if you think this film is for you. Don't bother watching or rating it when you know you'll hate it is all I'm saying.

John W (nl) wrote: Strike 2. HORRRRRRRRible!

Private U (ag) wrote: A realistic story, we all know someone who fits each of the characters. It does make Brisbane look like the daggiest city on the planet though ;-)

Dillon L (fr) wrote: Great idea really bad movie

Sarah A (ca) wrote: Germany. Young man's mother falls into coma when the Berlin wall falls, when she comes out of it, her son struggles to keep up the East Germany ruse out of concern that the shock would send his mom to have another heart attack.

Scott J (de) wrote: Can you go wrong with David Mamet? No, no you cannot. (and Flixster, this has nothing to do with the television show Homicide: Life on the Streets...take the cast from that show off of this listing)

Ken D (jp) wrote: Saw it a long time ago. The only thing I remember is the brilliant acting by Mickey Rourke. Will watch it again some day.

Javier Ignacio C (gb) wrote: Kusturica narra una historia realista, con un pequeo grado de crtica, sin apelar a lo que mejor sabe hacer, la festividad, el carnaval gitano, en sintesis ese humor que lo ha carecterizado. Quizas es esa ausencia lo que permite que la historia sea creible no cotidiana pero realista. Esas escenas con un grado de fantasia son las que realzan la naturalidad del film.Interesante.

Jodi A (ru) wrote: Great movie. Watch out for the language.

RA L (ru) wrote: WEB. Interesante y embrionaria de la posterior grandeza de Buuel, pero es una mezcla incmoda entre grandilocuencia, humanismo, misantropa, sensacionalismo y el mtodo cientfico. / Interesting and embryonic of Buuel's later greatness, but an uncomfortable mixture of grandiloquence, humanism, misanthropy, sensationalism and the scientific method.

Jonathan M (nl) wrote: Blair witch meets Godzilla , a little on the horror, and little on the sci-fi side . Cloverfield delivers the movie it advertises. I liked how this movie was about the ones who lived the event and the viewer really feels a part of the story. This is probably how I would have lived these sorts of events being in there with the main caracters.

Sean P (fr) wrote: While the plot may have been predictable, it was still enjoyable to watch with a good cast.

jenny w (au) wrote: well acted as usual from Poitier what a lovely man

Ian C (nl) wrote: Allen switches from NewYork to London and returns to the theme of Cultural Capital. I don't generally like Myers but he is great in this. A serious twitch off Johansson. A decent psychological thriller.