Australian teenager Heidi is left with little choice but to leave home after she's caught red-handed with her mother's boyfriend. With few options, Heidi ends up in Jindabyne, a tourist community. Upon meeting Joe at a bar, she pursues a relationship with him and tries to find something resembling a normal home life. Heidi makes small strides by getting a job and finding a place to stay, but her relationship with Joe must overcome more than its share of hurdles.

New experiences help a young girl learn the differences between sex and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Somersault torrent reviews

Skhye S (fr) wrote: want want want to see this!!!!

Rick P (gb) wrote: It's dry. If you don't have or appreciate dry wit, you'll feel like you've been left out, because you have. If you "get" Hitchhikers (not the movie, but virtually any of its other iterations) then you're likely to be quick enough to get this. Clue: The entire plot is rife with existential paradoxes that manifest as self manufactured crises a la the Vogons and Arthur Dent's house. If you're quick you'll pick up what's going on on the first run through, if not it'll take a few viewings. I like movies like that.....

Kara H (ag) wrote: Bored out or my mind. Ugh