Something Different

Something Different

Vera Chytilova wrote and directed this two-part story that took the Grand Prix at the Mannheim Film Festival. Part one deals with the rigorous training of Olympic champion gymnast Eva Bosakova. She contemplates retirement as she goes through a gruelling training schedule known only by world-class athletes. The second story concerns a housewife who is unappreciated and ignored by her husband. Done in a combination of feature and documentary styles, this is the first full-length effort from Vera Chytilova.

Two stories are simultaneously told. One dutiful mother progressively becomes a frustrated woman who is the only one assuming the family responsibilities of working at home and looking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliano K (nl) wrote: Brazil`s getting way better in movies.. first good-to-see one that is not drug-related.

Phil S (nl) wrote: What an odd movie... Interesting but exceedingly odd. I don't claim to understand the motivations of the main characters for the first half of the movie, but after that, things clear up. Still odd, though...

carol s (ag) wrote: This is quite entertaining really. The fighting scenes are lots of fun and I love that fact that it is such a simple low-budget movie that everything is set in the same room.

Seth C (de) wrote: Almost didn't make it through this one. Loved Tokyo Drifter, but it seems that Suzuki is not a fine wine. Maybe it would fare better if it was translated into a stage play, but, as a shoddy film, it comes off overtly pretentious.

Gabriel K (jp) wrote: Fearless is quite incredible. Great action, and great story. A must watch.

Marah R (de) wrote: Great take on the inspirational story of James brown and his rise to fame.

Douglas M (jp) wrote: One of the most important and politically charged responsibilities of the President of the United States is to nominate the justices of the Supreme Court. The judicial branch of government is the only one where appointments are made for life. They are charged with interpretation of the Constitution places them at the pinnacle of accountability for the application of the laws that govern our society. Not every president is called upon to make such a decision but in 1991 President George H. W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas as associate Supreme Court justice after Thurgood Marshall announced his retirement from the court. Earlier in President Bush's term, he nominated Judge David Souter as an associate Justice in the midst some controversy over his conservativism he was successfully appointed. When it came time to nominate a second associate judge Clarence Thomas (Wendell Pierce) was on the shortlist and despite objections by President Bush's staff, primarily over judge Thomas' relative inexperience on the bench they moved forward with the nomination.HBO has been well regarded for their docudramas, dramatizations of true events. Their most recent, 'Confirmation', examine the nomination of Justice Thomas with particular emphasis on one controversial element that made it unique history. Judge Thomas had been accused of sexual impropriety by Anita Hill (Kerry Washington), who 10 years before worked with him as a lawyer. The appointment of Judge Thomas to both the Bush ministration and the conservatives of the Republican Party. Justice Marshall had been first and only African-American sit on the court. To have another African-American replace him would appease many critics of the ideological makeup of the court. Hoping for a smooth betting and subsequent nomination procedure the allegations by Ms. Hill is tantamount to taking a political hornets nest.Ms. Hill was reluctant to bring the allegations and become involved but while doing due diligence a member of Sen. Ted Kennedy's staff had uncovered her name during the vetting process. For certain politically obvious reasons Sen. Kennedy could not bring up charges actual misconduct due to some of his own publicized foibles. Much of the initial work was done by one of his aides, Ricki Seidman (Grace Gummer), who also served as chief investigator Supreme Court nominees. In trying to find some way to introduce the information she approaches, Carolyn Hart (Zoe Lister-Jones) a fictitious character who was an amalgam of several involved with the Chief Counsel of the Judiciary Committee, and is here seem to be on the staff of Joe Biden (Greg Kinnear). Although sufficient care was taken to maintain some degree of veracity for the screenplay as always with such historically based dramas there's a certain amount dramatic license taken in order to streamline the story of the narrative can be contained within the allotted time. But even with the supporting characters there's an amazing effort made to cast actors who could best serve the personality and public persona people they portrayed. Ms. Gummer is beginning to make a name for herself roles on such a claims brands as American Horror Story. Acting is very much in her blood is the daughter of one of America's premier actresses, Meryl Streep. Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden especially effective. Like many of the participants in this case Mr. Kinnear has had an eclectic resume but include an Academy award nomination as ?best supporting actor in the 1997 film, 'As Good as It Gets'. In addition to having such a phenomenal talent supporting actors in this major cable movie undergo physical transformations to be believable as the person they are playing. Considering that this film relies rather heavily how believable the portrayals of characters are so that even the smallest parts have the greatest precision possible. In what's becoming a trademark for the video presentation the casting for this film is impeccable. No one would argue that the dominant focus of the story is and how Anita Hill, professor of law, bring down a man selected by the President sit on Supreme Court. While Ms. Hill and Judge Thomas are at the center of the maelstrom much of the action regarding this incident was occurring behind the scenes. As such the people portraying the Senators, Congressmen and their collective aides all left with the responsibility of defining the conflict and moving the story forward.I cannot think of an actress better suited to play this role the Kerry Washington. Careers has afforded her the opportunity to stretch her talents and too many different types of characters. She has also played the wife of the leading man in two biopics; opposite Jamie Foxx in 'Ray' and as the wife of Idi Amin as portrayed by Forest Whitaker. In both instances are leading man was awarded the Academy award for Best Actor. Currently she is starring in the television series, 'Scandal' Vista plays a determined woman was one of the most highly regarded spin doctors in Washington. If our character was around 1991 he certainly would've called in by the administration. While both of these roles may seem to be polar opposites of a Ms. Washington approaches them both Olivia Pope and Anita Hill come across as strong and determined women was still susceptible to the vulnerabilities of being human. Her interpretation of Anita Hill to pick somebody who wants to do the right thing not to have vengeance upon a man who abuse their trust and relationship and is now ascending to the highest position attainable for her profession. She is reluctantly talking to preparing her affidavit and asked only for anonymity return. The public radio network, NPR, the information to the public, a life was turned around and suddenly many stores and opportunist while others held her up as a feminist hero.Wendell Pierce has been on the speed dial in HBO's casting office with significant portion of his career. He has been in a number of highly acclaimed HBO original series including 'Ray Donovan' and 'Treme' but the role that most people remember them for this is a series regular on what is considered to be the best police procedural series ever created, 'The Wire'. Mr. Pierce and projected quiet strength, a man who can blend into any room filled with people and yet if necessary completely dominate the scene. As Judge Thomas Mr. Pierce successfully navigate the narrow line between a man who has made serious mistakes in his life and one on the precipice of ascending to the highest court in the land. The radio audience gets to view Judge Thomas is a man percent by his own personal doubts. You know the truth of the allegations in the also knows that many on his own side have doubts about his experience. There are others who feel that he was only considered because they need another African-American judge to replace Judge Marshall. Even under the calmest circumstances for appointment should be a daunting task for any man to face. Judge Marshall was a stalwart of the civil rights movement in the first African-American ever to be on that bench. The director intersperses the clips with the performances is brilliantly done. It achieves a seamlessness that is very rarely seen in any historically based documentary that has relied on actual film of the events. It is certain that there was significantly more coverage of this nomination hearing any other congressional appointment for a judicial appointment. Usually such hearings lack surprises any drama whatsoever. This set of congressional hearings people United States received a brand-new soap opera unfolding in the news with new 'episodes' every day. This is something to catch not just that your history about or intrigued by this period of time. Is it well done, intensely dramatic depiction of a part of the country's history.