Something for Joey

Something for Joey

This is based on the true story about the relationship between Penn State football player John Cappelletti and his younger brother Joey, who has leukemia. John and Joey's bond is a strong one. Joey hangs out with John in the Penn State locker room, and inspires him to be the top college football player in the country. Their bond knows no boundaries and goes beyond making touchdowns and winning awards.

This is based on the true story about the relationship between Penn State football player John Cappelletti and his younger brother Joey, who has lukemia. John and Joey's bond is a strong ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chosen 7 (es) wrote: Interesting comedy-drama

Michael W (au) wrote: It had its charms. At times I wanted to like it, to be able to give it a three stars rating even, but any time I remember any scene with "Mr. Funktastic" I insist on the demotion to 2.5 stars tops.

Jim R (fr) wrote: Phenomenal British gangster film, even if you have to watch it three times to understand the accent. There are elements of real romance, dark comedy and even a little bit of horror. What is real romance? It's genuine chemistry, portrayed by two attractive but middle aged actors. You can feel their adoration for each other. SEE THIS FILM!

Jacob B (de) wrote: Cooties. Not really a bad premise seeing as we don't quite see enough zombie children. The film has its moments and I personally found Elijah Wood to be a bit charming with Rainn Wilson stealing the show occasionally but all in all, it's never quite as funny as it should be. It's desperate to keep audiences entertained but it lacks the energy and momentum need to make a memorable and well-executed end result. Think there might be a sequel? If so, I think I'll pass.

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