Something Good: The Mercury Factor

Something Good: The Mercury Factor

In a small village in China's Yunnan region, Xiwen (Jingchu Zhang) mourns the sudden loss of her beloved, only child, a young boy poisoned by tainted food. Numbed by the pain, she seeks a ...

In a small village in China's Yunnan region, Xiwen (Jingchu Zhang) mourns the sudden loss of her beloved, only child, a young boy poisoned by tainted food. Numbed by the pain, she seeks a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Something Good: The Mercury Factor torrent reviews

Angust M (it) wrote: Peleas mediocres es lo nico que se salva de esta peli.

Gustavo S (de) wrote: a nice romantic drama. Script was original, acting was ok. I'll have to watch other Mouret movies to compare, but overall the movie was good and easy to follow.

Nader H (ag) wrote: This could have been a great movie, with a neat edgy style. Instead it is a passable movie with pretty cool fight scenes and a killer soundtrack that needed to be half an hour longer and connect things better.

Dy M (ag) wrote: This film should reach the doors of battered and abused women out there...

David M (ag) wrote: Beautiful and moving biopic of Joy Division front man Ian Curits, based on his wife's book. Samantha Morton is brilliant in that role, whilst Sam Riley nails Curits with alarming brilliance. Disturbing and moving, brilliantly directed by Anton Corbijn.

familiar s (au) wrote: The intentions behind making this documentary might be good (i.e. achieving an award :p), but it moves very briskly. The more-than-often-repeated threat by the hijacker to "Set the heat up" made my blood boil. Guess his vocabulary was limited. The documentary is bearable otherwise. And even if the documentary was made with pure intentions, I wonder how long will its message last (assuming that it's not being conveyed to deaf ears), if at all it does.

David G (kr) wrote: I honestly like the first one a little better

Julie H (mx) wrote: William H Macy is fantastic in this film, as usual. Nice adaptation of Miller's novel, this movie was both peaceful and terrorizing, funny and scary, history and present. Well worth viewing!

Alexis V (gb) wrote: Interesting movie. Good concept, average direction, looks like they did something respectable out a low budget. Worth the watch if you're in the mood.

IB B (ca) wrote: Should have been way better.

Sarah C (gb) wrote: An independat film about a boy who wants to be closer to his dad, but his father has just come out of jail and can hardly look after himself, let alone his son. It is moving, funny and charismatic, and theres a certain charm about it. Although quite long and menotinous at some points, it is generally a gripping drama. Edward Furlong plays a similar character to John Connor, an independant street kid. Jeff Bridges also delivers a fantastic performance. Although slightly melodramatic in some parts, and a little clich, this film is really quite thought-provoking :)

Robert I (es) wrote: Great cast and spooky. Schumacher!? Well, this was in his "good" phase. Plus, Kiefer is amazing - better than "Lost Boys" amazing.

Mallory H (au) wrote: This looks so funny!!!

Russell G (it) wrote: Noir with enough subtext to write a book about. If not for that, it would be a little flat, despite both Ida and Claude Rains being great.

Tom F (kr) wrote: Mean Girls is so good it makes all other movies look bad.

Armando B (jp) wrote: I gave this movie a 2 1/2 stars only for tge two main gorgeous ladies. As that being said in the other hand for the film is just one star. This was not a good thriller, when I saw the trailer it loojed great, but after watching the movie it was lame to watch. Rebecca was getting to annoying and I couldn't wait for somebody to kill her already. I mean who acts so weird like her. That's just insane, I agree with the others it was a waste of time in a way. So for this not being a very good film, and for not getting what I was expecting, and for having a similar taste to a movie called " Single White Female " I give " The Roommate " a C-.