Something in the Wind

Something in the Wind

A grandson of a recently deceased millionaire mistakes a beautiful female disc jockey for her aunt, who once dated the grandfather.

A grandson of a recently deceased millionaire mistakes a beautiful female disc jockey for her aunt, who once dated the grandfather. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brayden J (ru) wrote: Horrible CGI, Stupid Story, Unlovable Cast. The producers probably had a 1K budget and most of the budget most likely went towards getting the bear for 40 secs..

Matt R (ru) wrote: Why oh why did I watch this????? the 2 stars are for Chrissie Chau in her bikini... my only excuse is I was at a loose end and the movie I wanted to see - "Treasure Inn" had already closed....

keith s (au) wrote: Really impressive considering where it was shot. I felt like the filmmaking was a bit heavy handed at parts though, and also like it wanted to be one long music video instead of a movie with a plot.

Becca D (it) wrote: Cute little girls movie.

JJ L (fr) wrote: pretty badass little film actually. american psychoesque white collar spin on a social class just itching to be the greatest of perfection. nice to see a smaller budget film cast a shadow bigger than it's production.

Nic B (jp) wrote: A quiet, poetic gem of a film. Wonderful, naturalistic performances from both leads, and the story is subtly engaging and effective.

Dave A (ru) wrote: Dolph can do much better than this. Generally boring movie, and pretty disappointing compared to his other recent movies.

Miguel M (ru) wrote: This is maybe one of the most decent adam sandler film has ever made

Jacalyn L (it) wrote: Fun and upbeat. A nice watch to just enjoy the ride without getting too intense. There is combat/violence but it's not gory/bloody or extreme. I would be comfortable watching this with younger children around, but not necessarily having them sit down and watch it with me. I enjoyed the movie and it was perfect for watching while folding laundry. No need to focus too intently but carries a good story and feel.

Michel M (ru) wrote: Fanfan, mon amour d'enfance. Un des tres rares (3) films de "fille" que j'ai aime, et je dois avouer, j'ai probablement plus apprecie le film que les "filles" justement... Seul conseil, lisez d'abord le livre, faute de quoi la cadence est trop rapide et le sujet coule rapidement hors de portee. Le livre vous indiquera la voie, le film vous la montera. Quel choix audacieux de casting: Vincent Perez, mon acteur belge favoris, et... Sophie Marceau ? (ce n'etait sincerement pas la femme que j'imaginais dans le role de Fanfan, mais c'est une actrice formidable qui a su etre a la hauteur de mes attentes, et croyez-moi, un amour d'enfance, c'est exigeant !)

Melissa M (fr) wrote: A pretty good movie for book-lovers, but still not my favorite. Too many irreverent uses of the Lord's name, for one thing (maybe about 4). Yet I did enjoy some of the witty and picturesque writing, and the spirit of giving that the main character had. It was a little slow, but not uninteresting.

Charlie M (it) wrote: 80s sex romp about a woman who owns a reform school.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: If there is something more discomforting than Willard befriending rats is seeing a sweet sick kid developing a touching relationship with his little friend Ben the disgusting intelligent rat, which is what makes this trashy B movie creepier than the first movie, especially with that song.

Jon N (gb) wrote: Great little rollercoaster of a thriller!

Toivo K (au) wrote: I need to see more roles by James Cagney. This gangster movie is surprisingly serious and touching, despite its somewhat preaching scenes and ridiculous gun handling.

Jason C (gb) wrote: Much better than the last straight-to-dvd sequel, but definitely still not theater-worthy. Where do these aliens keep coming from? Maybe the next one will be on the same level as the first two.