Something Like Happiness

Something Like Happiness

Over the course of a year, in a small town scarred and beaten down by industrialization, Tonda and Monika, friends since childhood, come to experience what life might be like if they could be with one another – which they seemingly can't. Or can they?

Three young adults in Most sort out feelings and responsibilities: Monika's boyfriend has left for the States, her mother wants her to join him there, and if the invitation does come, what ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken N (gb) wrote: With countries like North Korea and Iran now having some sort of nuclear influence, this film makes you realize we're still counting up from zero than counting down towards zero.But let's keep trying.

Ryan C (us) wrote: Would probably make great background viewing if you were doing your taxes.

David E (fr) wrote: Worst ending I've seen in a long time. Could've been a great movie, but SUCH a lame ending. No creativity at all. The ending actually ruined the movie!

Ian E (nl) wrote: It took you back to the days when Lecter was taken to the asylum. This movie gives you a stunning performance by Ed Norton, Ralph Fines, and other great actors. It is a bit different from the original but brilliant Manhunter. It also has a great unforgettable ending!

Greg D (jp) wrote: A gripping, mesmerizing, but ultimately empty adaptation of Ballard's novel of the same name, this film belongs under the "Good Try, Tough Material" category. While beautifully photographed and extensively plotted, it seems that in trying to faithfully, dutifully recreate Ballard's trite prose the film makers sacrificed the emotional resonance of it all. One of the biggest flaws -- and what may have been entirely unavoidable -- is that in presenting this book as a film it substantially degrades Ballard's internalization of the media, as film is media, so the viewer is left with harrowing imagery for most of the movie but little else; whereas in Ballard's book, a few words on a piece of paper engage the reader's imagination; in short, the film is the interpretation of someone else, whereas in reading the book the interpretation is entirely his/her own.I would still recommend this film to Ballard fans, as it by far is the most faithful adaptation of any of his books, so far. Jonathan Weiss is to be commended for his attempt here, as I doubt many other directors could have done a better job with such difficult source material.

intuciic (it) wrote: quite ok... as usually sweet romance

Gabriel A (mx) wrote: "Mr. Silk Underwear..."

Richard B (us) wrote: Perfect ensemble film

Kinkykia69 T (ca) wrote: OOO Looks gooood! And since Steven directed it it has to be

Fitri A (ca) wrote: Just My Luck is the first of many that demonstrates once-promising Lohan's downfall into a series of lackluster entries. It has none of the charm that enlighten Lohan's earlier productions, and the script is neither solid nor funny enough to do the actress justice.

Damon R (ca) wrote: It wasn't great, but it was a good movie. It could have been longer, though. It did feel rushed. I didn't expect (spoiler alert!) Bill Murray to play the bad guy in the film. I'm so used to seeing him playing good guy roles.

Cameron D (ca) wrote: I have loved this movie ever since I was a kid! It's still as great as it always has been!

Christopher C (kr) wrote: The story is much more interesting this time around. Finally a story that makes an impact in the Star Trek universe. The acting is a bit better as the issues that had to be dealt with are more real and serious. The special effects play more of an enhancement role and it is done reasonably well. Best Star Trek movie since the third movie.