Sometimes They Come Back

Sometimes They Come Back

Based on a short story by Stephen King, a man and his family return to his home town, but he is then harassed by teenagers that died when he was a kid.

High school teacher Jim Norman reluctantly returns to his hometown with his wife to pursue a job because of his haunting memories about the death of his brother. There, JimĀ is harassed by teenagers that killed his brother and died when he was a kid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (fr) wrote: I just found this movie boring. I know critics go gaga over it but I think i almost fell asleep.

Ray V (jp) wrote: STUPID. Enuff said. If you rent/buy this one, you're an idiot...perhaps I can interest you in a gas efficient HUMMER...or how about a beach front timeshare....only minutes from downtown Phoenix and LOTS of curb appeal.Seriously...don't be a moron. Rent something else.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: An easy, fun, and exciting spectacle that is expertly crafted by a master filmmaker. This is the type of thing I would've had on repeat as a young moviegoer."The Good, The Bad, The Weird" puts any and all American filmmakers in the action genre to shame.

The Golden Mic (gb) wrote: This was one of the worst movies I ever saw. I don't know why I kept watching. Now I will never get those 2 hours back. Yikes.

Marlon Jeff E (mx) wrote: astig,.. unpredictable,. pero naalala ko 2 beses ko na pla toh napanood..,hehe..,ngayon ko lang talaga sya naintindihan anyway nice movie.., kumpleto lahat,..xD ewan ko kung namamalik mata lang ako,..(kamuka ni larZ yung girl si Kyungjin si miss police officer..)

Philip G (au) wrote: A real gem of a movie that nobody else seems to have seen.

Charlie M (ca) wrote: Like Zelig before, Woody creates a fictional character, but treats his life's story like a documentary by adding expert interviews to bookend each act. He could have just promoted the greatness of an old jazz player, but instead Emmet is a completely despicable person. He is a boorish, selfish fool that exists as pure id, stealing an ashtray one minute and then casually discarding it the next. Like Inside Llewyn Davis the message is about the luck and ego of genius. We hold creative minds in high regard but even brilliant people can be awful; Love the art, not the artist. Which is what women do. The main throughline of this story is Emmet's romance with a mute girl named Hattie. She can hear the beauty of his guitar, and is too simple to realize how much of an ass he is. She's right for him of course, because both have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. But as soon as she's good to him, he disappears.Sean Penn is cartoonish but still superb as Emmett, showing the full range of emotions in this gifted man-child. That being said, it's very difficult to watch a swarthy jerk who is so putrid of a human being knowing that he'll never be redeemed or punished. Woody's nihilism tends to make unlikable people even more unforgivable and in the 3rd act he tells 3 differing versions of an ending to simply make the point how irrelevant an ending is to the story by saying "at least we have the music." Great acting, and well made, and one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've ever heard. Still...a feel-bad movie.

Bill M (ag) wrote: Harry Hamlin. Need to know more?

Josh D (ag) wrote: Another awesome entry in the saga of resurrected super cop Matt Cordell. We really need a fourth "Maniac Cop".

Eric C (ru) wrote: This movie is actually really fun

Maya S (ca) wrote: Intense! Way better than the "Shaft" movies. Love the soundtrack with James Brown singing in the background. It's now on my list of favourite blaxploitation movies, along with "Superfly" and "Detroit 9000."