Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Jon Porter returns to his hometown after the sudden and bizarre death of his mother. He hopes to leave as soon as the funeral is over but it's too late. The sinister forces that caused his sister's brutal murder 30 years ago are back. Jon knows the nightmare can't continue. He must stand up to his fear and exorcise the demons who have risen again to take posession of his beautiful teenage daughter - body and soul.

For years, Jon Porter has been repressing memories of how his older sister was murdered, and how he electrocuted her three assailants to death. Jon and his daughter return to his hometown only to be terrorized by the demons who had sacrificed his sister in the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sometimes They Come Back... Again torrent reviews

Jeff L (it) wrote: heavy, upsad, with good actors and actresses

Ian T (fr) wrote: Awful, truly awful. A film so bad I couldn't stop watching!

Thomas H (au) wrote: Not as good as the "Veivisaren". gaups masterpiece. Bit its very good and importan. Even its just black / white.. Its rare to see a movie from "same-tnan" even this year, hade been two ( The swedich "Wolf"... The move is important becuse same-peope is tosday fughting agasint autohritys. It can be a allergoy oftoday.. See it.. Is wort 2 hrs

Sakura I (ca) wrote: disppointing, moves very slow and most of the chararcters are silly esp Turturro and Binoche.

Brett D (us) wrote: classic slasher style piece of cinema

Marta R (jp) wrote: Michelle Rodriguez always has an angry face throughout the film... give up on the cheezy romantic aspect... the issues discussed were good - movie, not so much...

Mark W (gb) wrote: Wow fantabulous movie! This is seriously one of my absolute favorite Korean films, its sooo beautiful! The plot's usually the other way around, with the girl having the incurable disease but I never tire of this sort of movie. She never found out did she. So so sad

John W (ca) wrote: It's hard to remember if you're watching "Legends of the Fall" or "River runs through it"...beautiful scenery, makes you want to move to Montana, but you could watch a tourism film and get better acting. The "stroke" scenes with Sir Anthony Hopkins are embarrassingly bad.

Michael D (it) wrote: A weird and campy horror flick. There's something missing, though... humor? action? or just something truly creative and memorable, because THEN it would have been a perfect candidate for cult movie status.

Waleed A (es) wrote: great movie. one of the rare westerns i like. great acting. lots of intense scenes. (3 viewings)SPOILERSi thought the movie concluded perfectly and other more obvious endings would have been unsatisfying or lame

Judes C (ru) wrote: extremly raunchy film. but the guy with long hair is hot!!

Austin G (mx) wrote: STOOOOPID!!!!!!!!! I love this movie, it has everything for a stupid funny movie