Sometimes They Come Back... for More

Sometimes They Come Back... for More

On a arctic circle radio shack, an ancient evil lurks, ready to strike at a psychologist, an army man and their collective forces.

On a arctic circle radio shack, an ancient evil lurks, ready to strike at a psychologist, an army man and their collective forces. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sometimes They Come Back... for More torrent reviews

Camille L (de) wrote: Mme si on est trs souvent dans le n'importe quoi total, le deuxime Detective Dee est infiniment plus matris que le premier opus, grce un scnario moins foutraque, des effets spciaux toujours aussi moches mais au service d'un univers intressant et surtout un vrai sens de la comdie aussi grasse et rgressive qu'hilarante et bon enfant. Mark Chao, Lin Gengxin et Carina Lau sont excellents, tandis qu'Angelababy est insupportable (mais disparat assez vite de l'cran heureusement). Tsui Hark ne livre peut-tre pas "un nouveau chef d'oeuvre", mais un nouveau trs bon film d'aventures. Et c'est dj pas mal.

David K (ru) wrote: One of my favorite super hero anime movies.

Steven R (kr) wrote: If I could rate this movie zero stars I would!

Nick N (kr) wrote: only saw the first fight scene lul

Triss N (it) wrote: This movie is so bad that in some states, it's used as an alternative to the death penalty.

Richard S (br) wrote: Soap Opera Style gay subject matter movie that is very touching. Well worth the watch.

Blogger Z (ca) wrote: The scene where Forrest meets his son is one of those scene that can make you feel either one of two ways.Ex 1. "Oh, that's so sweet, seeing Forrest meet his son for the first time, makes me want to cry!" Or..."Oh come on! For all we know, that could be somebody elses son!"

Pavan R (kr) wrote: After seeing it for the umpteenth time...i still can't understand how it wasn't a hit...superb character with amazing dialogues...and a good story....Amitabhs performance is stupendousAnd was also based on a famous gangster who was shot in an encounter...Mithun and Danny are superb too

Tristan P (gb) wrote: A film that actually rivals Todd Sheets's ZOMBIE BLOODBATH as the WORST horror film I have ever seen (I've seen somewhere around 2300). The sad thing is, unlike ZB, LUCKER could have been good. Nick Van Suyt has the right look to make an effective, creepy serial killer a la Joe Spinell's Frank Zito in MANIAC. But LUCKER is SO badly written, directed, edited and dubbed that it's a challenge to sit through... and it's just over an hour long! You have been warned!

Jacqui M (fr) wrote: I can't believe that most people haven't seen this version of Cinderella. But I do however have a Cinderella collection... I totally think this is funny espeically how you never catch things when your little... But totally watch this movie if you want to remember the good times

Carole T (ag) wrote: Not overly funny and seriously crass at times with a predictable ending and some poor performances.

Daniel E (br) wrote: Peter Boyle is immense as the angry racist homophobic hippie hater. He makes Alf Garnett look like a liberal wimp.

Nicki R (kr) wrote: Did anyone else notice all the similarities with When Harry Met Sally? A great re-boot of that story, though.