Somewhere Between Here and Now

Somewhere Between Here and Now

After three years of travel through South-East Asia, a young woman, Louise comes back home. Brussels, Belgium. Adrian is just about to leave everything behind. She thought her journey was over, he believed his hasn't begun yet.

After three years of travel through South-East Asia, a young woman, Louise comes back home. Brussels, Belgium. Adrian is just about to leave everything behind. She thought her journey was over, he believed his hasn't begun yet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikhil N (ru) wrote: Akkineni Nagarjuna is one versatile actor in Telugu who has played various roles in his career spanning 17 years. Especially in recent years, he has made conscious decision to do out-of-the-box roles and tried to do new experiments with them. With his unique body language, dialogue delivery and acting, the King has created a niche for himself. The Tollywood star is now back with his latest outing Greeku Veerudu, which features him in a totally brand new look. The 53-year-old star looks like a 25-year-old NRI and his youthfulness is sure to rock you. Greeku Veerudu is a romance drama, which has all ingredients and is on par with the expectations of the people of all age groups. Nagarjuna and Nayantara's brilliant performances and great chemistry are the main attractions in the movie. S Thaman's melodious music, Anil Bhandari's mesmerising picturisation, arresting plot, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana's comedy timing, beautiful foreign locales, costumes, makeup and art direction are its other highlights. Kondapalli Dasaradh Kumar, who has teamed up with Nag for the second time, a decade after the release of Santosham, has come up with a fresh and feel-good story, which does not have an antagonist. The story is all about an NRI businessman, who is an Event Manager in USA. He is shrewd, selfish and a cutthroat businessman, who perceives every action including love as a business transaction. The film is a mature romance, which upholds the importance of love, affection and family relationships. The movie opens up at a city in the USA with a brief introduction to lead characters played by Nagarjuna, Nayantara, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav and MS Narayana, and after few minutes the story shifts to India. The first half has all the masala elements to lure the masses. Dasarath runs the whole show with right mix of romance, comedy and family sentiments. When the audience are going to snooze due to the dragging narration by the end of the first half, the director alerts them with an action scene. The second half of Greeku Veerudu is also interesting with a few comedy sequences and a couple of romantic tracks. But the pace of the movie slows down in this portion, which has several loop-holes, silly and mindless scenes. The climax of the film is average and it lacks freshness.

Ed M (gb) wrote: I found this film to be a fresh Sci-fi/ Adventure film. All through out the movie you may find references and hidden jokes about the AVGN online series. And parodying B-Movies, whle still being a B- movie. I think James Rofle gets good credit for this, and desrves it.

joey b (ca) wrote: It's a average action film

Cat Y (jp) wrote: ending is a little lame. i thougth she was going to kill the bastard.

George J (br) wrote: Amazing. Great writing, superb acting, unique characters that you won't find in other films...Totally worthwhile.

Matt G (br) wrote: Not a typical movie I would watch, and theirs a reason for that, it's not that in racist but I was put off by the New Zealand accent and the contrast of it, the acting was mearly very droll and boring too. Much talking and staring, the vocals weren't clear enough, the only thing I enjoyed was the story so if it was a British or American standard movie I would of enjoyed it but due to the fact that I'm not used to watching New Zealand people for a hour and a half, it was boring and I did think the acting was extremely boring, but the story and the contrast of the relationship was very good and gripping, I did enjoy that but I have to lower the score from the fact of the accent and the acting was just too droll for me. Just hope for Hollywood to discover it and remake it because it want to see that happen. Sorry but it's 2 stars ??

julie d (es) wrote: I LOVE GIOVANII RIBISI'S WORK !!!

Mary D (ca) wrote: I love Victoria Abril. How could anyone not?

Lena L (au) wrote: nice movie! :D the script had some awesome moments, dude

Eve C (es) wrote: ..."y doit y avoir une belle vue d'l haut..."-Ob (C)lix ..."un bon repas sans fromage, c'est une bte qui n'a qu'un oeil, c'est un oiseau sans plumage, une fort sans (C)cureuils. Quand l'app (C)tit va tout va"...

Samantha F (de) wrote: I love One-Shot, the Calvin Coolidge lookalike. Sooo cute!

Arthur P (br) wrote: The Christian prophecy of a future apocalypse won't be a global flood as God promised it won't happen again, as Jesus will return and rule the world after defeating Satan, and then transforming human and Earth into peace-loving harmonies, living on technology on another level: mind over matter - let there be food of your choice appear out of nowhere by just saying the Words. Visual disaster effects seemed focused on the American family escapees, and not from other individuals of families from other nations in their attempt to escape disaster. The thunderous sound effects of vehicles and natural disasters are good on my studio wired headphones connected to stereo receiver ;;

Joel C (fr) wrote: A typically tremendous performance from the late, great, genius, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman teases the audience repeatedly with his subtle gestures. His calm demeanour and righteous nature conceal something hideous and you only see his proverbial mask slip briefly on occasion, to reveal the suspected duplicitous character. However, so measured is his performance that even then you find yourself still questioning what is somewhat undeniable. Extremely sensitive subject matter handled so delicately but with serious purpose, solid direction and ably supported by legendary Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Like a new version of The Sting. Like the surprises.

Jake W (jp) wrote: A good performance from its leads to paint a twisted story about a broken friendship and two failed dreams coming together to lose everything.

Teri R (br) wrote: Unbelievable but entertaining