Somewhere I have never travelled

Somewhere I have never travelled


The lives of and relationship between two teens, a high school-aged boy and his younger niece. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dachshunds K (jp) wrote: Fun. Afternoon movie. Dont analyze. It just watch it. The characters are great and the actors do them justice in the quirky,crazy,spiraling out of control movie. The movie is a perfect laugh out loud, intentionally unconventional film. See it, but watch it for fun.

Marilena G (es) wrote: Boring and stupid. NOT funny.

Mike P (ag) wrote: Gloria Steinem once said, "I either gave birth to someone else,or I gave birth to myself." It's a line I loathe, despite conceding its partial truth. We do give up something when we become parents, which is the focus of "Motherhood." This film tries hard to embody Steinem's idea and then go one step further into the world of the uber-Mom, the 21st century parent who really can do it all. Sadly, it's so contrived, I couldn't relate to the staged mini-manifestos as conversations, along a series of unfortunate events in a day-in-the-life-of a mother in the midst of an identity crisis. Thurman, Edwards, and Driver's performances all transcend the material, but that isn't saying much. It's tough to elevate quasi-didactic sentimentality. I can't recommend it, though I have a sneaking suspicion I'm simply not the intended audience.

Jamie T (gb) wrote: I saw this in school, I believe after reading the book. That was 10 years or so ago, though, so my memories are minimal. Not especially curious to see it again, though.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: The series starts up with Brian Del Palma as the director, and David Koepp and Robert Townse as the writers for the first Mission Impossible movie. They resulted in a really good movie that is a bit of a good start. Tom Cruise gives a really good performance, and so do the other actors in this. Some of the characters are memorable, but the villain, while a bit thought out, is a bit generic. The action scenes are pretty good, and the effects are nicely done, although it can be a bit dated. Some moments are predictable, and the plot is confusing and probably wouldn't make sense. The humor, from what it has got,is pretty funny, and the writing is not bad from what it has. The soundtrack is really catchy and it also created an updated, but also a bit better, theme that would be memorable for a long time. Mission Impossible is a fun time that plays it a bit safe here.

Gordon S (fr) wrote: How can you not revel in seeing smug plutocrats getting served on their own dinner table? This movie is a treasure trove of insults too foul to ever use, and characters as interesting as they are short lived. Rarely have I enjoyed seeing people being killed one by one due to their own incompetence as I have with this film. The premise, although cliche, is still provocative, and convincing enough to catch you up in the action. What else can I say; you won't find a better B-movie in all of Byzantium.

Dave R (it) wrote: "I don't mow lawns. I never mowed lawns. I never had a lawn. And if I had a lawn.....I'd kill it."

Robert H (ag) wrote: most of this film is footage from the previous films. It is technically a sequel to not one, not two but three films!The obvious two are Dollman and Demonic Toys the two title characters who are coming together to battle it out (at least that was the idea right?) while the third film Bad Channels introduces Nurse Ginger into the mix. Add a little Phil Fondacaro, a script similar to the first Demonic Toys and presto, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys.I liked that the toys now had a GI Joe type figure but didn't like that the killer teddy bear was removed. Dollman kills everything in his path and Nurse Ginger... she's just there for eye candy really.Had this film been more new content rather than almost 1/4 rehash from other movies, very little plot development and a story that's practically copied, I'd have enjoyed it. As it is, it feels like a waste of money. it's as if I've been had. Still, it's campy fun starring Fondacaro and Thomerson so that's not all bad.

Lewis W (de) wrote: 70%----------4.0 - Kevin Kline4.0 - Sigourney Weaver3.5 - Frank Langella3.5 - Ving Rhames3.0 - Kevin Dunn

Greg W (es) wrote: good suspenser good chem betwixt Kristofferson & fonda

Andrei D (de) wrote: Finalul are sens si greutate dar e prea lung setup-ul inainte

Laney C (br) wrote: If Tevus recommends it, I must eventually see it!